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At a glance, this weed looked OK until I took a closer look

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I recently attempted to review some Blue Gelato I’d picked up from, believe it or not, a friend when I realised that something wasn’t quite right.

Although the buds had been given a reasonably nice trim, something looked different, and it didn’t take me long to start noticing flaws in this sample.

In the appearance, the bud was too dry; in fact the leaf bases I could spot looked a very strange discoloured shade of green.

, At a glance, this weed looked OK until I took a closer look

When I smelt the bud I got a kind of genetic, non-descript aroma (think the smell of crap weed) and at this point I knew I’d been ripped off.

This ‘Blue Gelato’ if that is what it is (and I believe it actuall is Blue Gelato) is in best case scenario very old, stored in a plastic carrier bag and subject to hot temperatures and at worst badly grown, dried too fast and grown using PGRs.

, At a glance, this weed looked OK until I took a closer look

The only saving grace is that I believe I know the grower so would hope it is the ‘best case scenario’. I still feel like I have been ripped off.

I have smoked Blue Gelato before and really enjoyed the taste – this Barney’s Farm cross of Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint GSC X Blueberry. I even reviewed the Gasleak extracts version (if I am correct in my asumptions the bad sample I have now is the same cut from a different grower, not Gasleak)

Grinding up this Blue Gelato sample I could tell it was old and dense and dry because it was resisting the grind somewhat, which was weird.

Putting it into my bong (yes ladies and gentlement it got a full review treatment despite the nastiness) I experienced a bad-tasting bowl which did little to lift me up except a slight relaxation once the coughing had subsided.

, At a glance, this weed looked OK until I took a closer look

Vaping this sample delivered a similarily dissapointing flavour. Whilst not being cough-inducing it was not enjoyable so I didn’t vape it all the way up to 195 degrees.

I could not get a distinct or enjoyable flavour from this strain despite trying multiple consumption methods. I think the terpenes have been lost or changed significantly during storage, with the resulting bud being dry and lacking in flavour.

The hits aren’t harsh and chemically, however, so I cannot assume the presence of dangerous growing agents and would lean towards this being a really old, badly stored sample over a PGR-laiden one.

, At a glance, this weed looked OK until I took a closer look

I honestly think the Blue Gelato strain has great potential, so I am not writing it off based on this bad experience. I will try and get a sample to record a proper review so you can learn about what it should look smell and taste like.

Since then the remainder of this batch has sat in my cupboard where I will not be smoking it.

You can watch the video below

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