The Protective Benefits of CBD on the Cardiovascular System

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Cannabidiol (CBD), is a cannabinoid identified in the cannabis plant and its benefits have long been studied.

Did you know that cannabis has proved to be a remedy for many illnesses, and can help with the cardiovascular system? CBD has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties that have therapeutic effects for cardiovascular diseases.

The lifestyle you lead is the reason for cardiovascular disease like having too much junk food, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol etc. These habits can eventually lead to heart disease, hypertension etc. Of course, a solution to guard against these issues is a good diet and exercise. But let’s also look at the benefits of CBD for the cardiovascular system:

Studies show that CBD has anti-anxiety effects, particuarly in cases of social anxiety disorder (SAD) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Vaping CBD from high-quality cannabis vaporizers benefits the cardiovascular system by decreasing the chances of sudden cardiac arrest like a heart attack. CBD’s anxiolytic properties help in regulating flutter or fibrillation i.e. irregular heartbeats, which in turn reduce the chances of a heart attack.

Studies prove that CBD does maintain the speed of heart rate without raising it. CBD is particularly helpful in cases of arrhythmia.

Restricted blood supply to tissues causes a shortage of oxygen which is a problem of blood vessels called Ischemia.

Lack of blood supply to the heart results in localised dead tissue. Restoration of blood supply to ischemic tissues can cause more damaging than the initial ischemia due to greater production of free radicals and reactive oxygen species that causes reperfusion injury.

Studies say that CBD has cardioprotective properties that restore blood flow and helps in fighting ischemia.

Benefits of CBD for the Cardiovascular System, The Protective Benefits of CBD on the Cardiovascular System, ISMOKEAtherosclerosis
Cardiovascular disease atherosclerosis is a type of inflammation and is the cause of 80% of sudden cardiac death. This stroke occurs due to the formation of cholesterol-rich (atherosclerotic) plaque in the blood vessels. The body responds to this plaque as foreign content and tries to wall off from the flowing blood. In some conditions, these walled-off plaque comes in contact with blood and forms a blood clot.

This blood clot and plaque are enough reason for a heart attack. CBD, when consumed, binds with the CB2 receptors and fight atherosclerosis and regulates blood circulation and cardiac function.

It’s important to have normal blood pressure. Blood flows from the heart to the entire body, organs, and tissues circulating oxygen and nutrients. Any changes in the blood pressure, high or low can trigger a heart attack.

CBD is helpful for lowering blood pressure, leading to vasorelaxation, as found by this 2017 paper. It concluded that CBD induces low blood pressure relaxing the arteries which reduce the chances of a stroke.

If you are living in a place where growing marijuana plants or their germination is legal, then it would be a great alternative to spending money on various marijuana dispensaries. It might be challenging but its worth the effort. A marijuana plant flourishes when it gets all the essential care like good soil, adequate water, proper drainage etc. Before starting, do research on which strain of CBD needs what kind of care and you are good to go.

Myocarditis is the inflammation of the heart muscle, meaning it cannot contract normally. Its symptoms include chest pain, fever, swelling, shortness of breath and if left untreated it causes death. A low immune system, medications, bacterial infection, and certain diseases like Lyme disease can all cause inflammation of the heart.

CBD, as an anti-inflammatory, treats autoimmune myocarditis by regaining the heart muscle strength and reducing the number of cells that die. Myocarditis affects the heart and it can be mild or increase gradually leading to heart failure. It’s important to work with your doctor to prevent it from aggravating.

CBD has shown positive effects in fighting cardiovascular diseases. It reduces the number of free radicals, normalises blood pressure, fights infection etc.

If you are looking for a strain that can help you with cardiovascular disease, Cannabis Indica plants are a good choice. They grow faster and yield more compared to other strains.

Moreover, take care of your body. Cardiovascular disease occurs due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. Quit smoking/alcohol, eat healthily and avoid junk foods. Lead an active lifestyle by exercising daily that will strengthen your heart and improve the blood flow in the body. Eat foods that are rich with good fats Omega-3 and Omega-6 to maintain your cholesterol levels. Stay healthy, stay happy.

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