The Neutralizer Pro – Professional Odour Elimination Kit Review

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I was first introduced to The Neutralizer via London Smoking Club. One day they showed up at an event, set up a pro kit and left – leaving us impressed as the cannabis smell in a hot-boxed room began to neutralise.

Since then, I’ve seen them at numerous events, finally getting to sit down and talk to them at Green Pride last weekend.

The Neutralizer currently sells three kits. Starting with the Road Kit (£45) which is designed to neutralise (yes, I’m British) the odours in your car. Next up they have a compact kit which will cover a small room (£50), and finally the Pro Kit (£95) which covers up to 375m3 or 13,000ft3.

The Neutralizer Pro Kit

The oil will last 6 weeks with 24-hour use. It only requires 60 minutes for the room to be fully neutralised and smell free.

What’s In The Box

1 x EME-120
1 x PRO KIT CARTRIDGE (TNRC-100 100 ml / 3.38 US ? oz)
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x wall fittings

I opened up the box and carefully read the instructions, which mainly talk about making sure not to damage the wick during the set-up process.

The Neutralizer, The Neutralizer Pro – Professional Odour Elimination Kit Review

Once I’d put the device together (I was really baked and managed it in a few minutes), it was as simple as plugging the EME into the wall and letting it do its business.

Even before plugging in The Neutralizer Pro Kit I could detect a nice smell. Plugging it in makes it warm up, evenly dispensing the smell throughout your room and covering up any smoke smell.

My room isn’t the biggest, and after 30 minutes I felt comfortable sparking up a joint. After smoking the joint the room was left quite hazy, and I vacated to return and check the smell 10 minutes later.

Upon reentering I could not detect a cannabis smell! I had deliberately left the windows and door closed to keep the smoke in, but I couldn’t smell weed at all. Because the room was not aerated I could detect some smoke, but not weed smoke. Opening a window or keeping a window open while smoking is recommended as the fresh air circulating will remove any stuffiness.

Overall, I’m really impressed with The Neutralizer for general, everyday use. I’ll certainly be smoking joints inside from now on! I also wonder if it would be good to put one between the source of the smell and any external place e.g. in a flat corridor to cover any smell coming out of the room.

As I’m not growing I can’t test this for the plant smell, but let me know if you have tried it and what the results are. As a smoker, I’m really impressed and will be using this from now on.

If you want to own a Neutralizer, you can grab yours via The Neutralizer website here:

Use the discount Code ISMOKE at checkout for free UK shipping or shipping discount for international orders

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