The Importance of Having a Good Rolling Box

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Every seasoned stoner should have a rolling box. Also known as a smoking box, this is the best place to put all your little cannabis nik-naks and rolling equipment, as well as to store your buds, hash or extract – in our opinion here at ISMOKE, a rolling box is an essential bit of kit.

Infrequent smokers may get away with not having a rolling box, but they will usually at least own a good bag containing rizla, a grinder and a lighter as a bare minimum.

Boxes do come in all shapes and sizes, and if you want something small there are options like this available quite cheaply:

, The Importance of Having a Good Rolling Box, ISMOKE


We can’t remember the last time we were caught without our rolling box, which has been the staple of our smoking for the past 8 years. Here it is our choice of rolling box, by Wolf productions:

, The Importance of Having a Good Rolling Box, ISMOKE


Looking at purchasing a rolling box? Here is what you should look out for:


A rolling box can come in all shapes and sizes. At the very least you want it to be big enough to store a small grinder, pack of rizlas, tobacco (if smoked), as well as your herbs like the first image above, which holds the bare minimum – rizla, roach and lighter, plus a handy rolling tray.

Cannabis connoisseurs with lots of smoking paraphernalia may appreciate something a bit bigger, which is what we went for when selecting our rolling box so we could store all our regular smoking kit in one place.


A specialised rolling box will have a rolling tray, which is great, providing the perfect angled service for rolling spliffs; something which helped us get our average spliff rolling time below the 1-minute-mark. Nowadays it feels alien to us to roll without this little tray – it can be done but it is certainly uncomfortable!

, The Importance of Having a Good Rolling Box, ISMOKE

A good rolling box will also have several compartment sections – ours has different wooden sections that can be pulled out to clean.


Decorations – We have covered our rolling box in stickers that we have picked up over the 8 years that we’ve had it, giving it great personality.

You can also paint your box or leave it unmarked if you prefer but they look great when personalised and we’d recommend making it your own, especially if you plan on having it for a number of years!

Quality / Standing the test of time

If you get a good quality box, it should last years. We remember our first smoking box, which lasted all of one year before it literally fell apart at its hinges. After this we bought our current box for £50, and this has stood the test of time (8 Years and Counting!)

You can see from the box below that some are made  with a cheaper wood, and these ones probably wont last as long and are prone to cracking/splitting/braking at the hinges if dropped:

, The Importance of Having a Good Rolling Box, ISMOKE

That being said, even an expensive and good quality box, may need the occasional repair, but this is worthwhile. So far over 8 years we have made one hinge repair to keep our box in good condition, as well as regular cleaning.

An added benefit of the rolling box is the build up of scraps of cananbis, as inevitably when rolling some bits will fall out –  a good smoking box will catch these, meaning next time there is a drought you may just have enough ‘box weed’ to get you through it!

So that’s our feature on rolling boxes – we hope you have found it useful! Tweet us @ISMOKEMAG

, The Importance of Having a Good Rolling Box, ISMOKE