On Saturday evening, I visited a secret location for the cup announcements session for The Extractors Cup 2021.

If you have been following the channel, you may have seen the article and video we ran on this competition – you can catch up here if you missed it.

, The Extractors Cup Results Event 2021, ISMOKE

This event took place in a secret spot located just outside London. There are now plenty of session spots dotted about the Country, and this is one I hadn’t visited yet, so it was great to discover another safe space for cannabis consumers to session in the UK.

The hosts were great, providing all the seating guests required and enough space for the whole session to enjoy themselves until the early hours. There was free food and drink for guests both on arrival and ordered and so we felt very well looked after by the cup organisers.

, The Extractors Cup Results Event 2021, ISMOKE

Attending the event was mostly the extractors competing in category (solventless, solventless (flower) and solvent). This cup session was not publicised; rather it was a small gathering for people involved in the cup, which meant a smaller crowd of dedicated dabbers and extractors.

After a couple of hours of smoking and dabbing it was time for the winners’ announcements and then onto some more sessioning until the early hours of the morning.

Here is a reminder of the entries in this year’s Extractors Cup:




First up was the flower rosin category. Due to a number of drop-outs, only Joker Extracts‘ entry of ‘Divine Jelly’ ended up in this category, but I enjoyed that entry and remembered the flower rosin well. 

The Solventless Hash Rosin winner was Intrepid Farms with ‘The New’ hash rosin – congratulations to him. I have been fortunate enough to sample some of his work in the past and enjoy it thoroughly.

, The Extractors Cup Results Event 2021, ISMOKE

And the solvent category was won by Mad Bear Extracts with ‘Pink Lychee’. Mad Bear is another brilliant extractor from Spain. Congratulations to him as well. 

Here are the full placements for The Extractors Cup 2021 – the numbers in brackets are the numbers each entry represented in the competition.

  1. Madbear Extracts (8)
  2. Gasleak Extracts (9)
  3. Handcraft Cannabis (1)
  4. JahFrenchKush (4)
  5. Snail Extracts (13)
  6. Mad Bear Extracts (7)
  7. Highest Grades (2)
  8. JaFrenchKush (5)
  9. MarleyBoysFullMelt (12)
  10. Southeast Dank (6)
  11. Skysports Extracts (10)
  12. Saafi Brothers (11)
  13. Hitchin Cannabis Club (3)
  1. Intrepid Farms (5)
  2. Only Fire Genetics (2)
  3. Sub Zero Extracts (1)
  4. Everyman Farms (3)
  5. Intrepid Farms (4)
Solventless (Flower)
  1. Joker Extracts (10)

I look forward to the next cup and will report on it here for ISMOKE so make sure you subscribe to never miss an article

, The Extractors Cup Results Event 2021, ISMOKE

Event photos by Lekia420

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