The Difference Between a Percolator Bong and Gravity Bong

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Both percolator bongs and gravity bongs offer a clean, effective means of consuming cannabis through their unique designs and functions. But if you have ever wondered what the difference between the two is, we are going to get into some of their key attributes that make each an awesome device for smoking weed.

A bong is any pipe that features the inclusion of water to filter out the smoke before inhalation, and that is why both percolator and gravity bongs both fall under this broad name. So to really differentiate the two, it is first important to know exactly what each is and how they work to understand exactly where their differences come from and why it matters.

, The Difference Between a Percolator Bong and Gravity Bong, ISMOKE

What is a Percolator Bong?

There are a ton of specific types of bongs all are considered to be percolator bongs. To name a few, this includes:

  • Straight Tubes
  • Bubblers
  • Beakers
  • Round Based

So let’s keep it simple and straightforward here to easily understand what a percolator bong is and why each of those are considered to be one.

The reason water is included in a pipe is so that the heavy, thick, and unwanted smoke particulates and chemicals can be cleaned out of the smoke before it enters our lungs. This makes for healthier smoke and also smoke that tastes better.

By cooling the smoke down, the water will also preserve delicate cannabinoids from being burnt away, therefore getting you higher.

And to do this, the smoke of course must pass through the water!

When we pull the smoke with our air, this creates bubbles within the water as it passes through. The bubbles act as a means to further intensify the cleaning and cooling effects of the water, so of course, we want as many bubbles as possible for the best smoking experience!

And this is where a percolator was created, as a percolator is a contraption of small holes placed within your bong, sometimes as its own chamber, that acts to further intensify the bubbling and filtering abilities of the water by giving the smoke more room to filter and more time to cool.

A percolator, therefore, is a part or a piece of your bong, and for a bong to then be considered a percolator bong, it must have perc!

The really cool thing about percolator bongs then is the fact that there are so many of them to choose from. Percolators themselves come in a variety of designs, some shaped like honeycombs, for example, and others shaped like tree branches.

In fact, most of a bong’s personality and the way that it delivers a hit can be attributed to the perc, so it takes time choosing the right one!

Most of the time, the percolator in a bong is permanent. But thanks to some serious innovation, you can now constantly change your bong to meet your needs with pieces with a customizable modular bong. And thanks to a build a bong online store, you can do this from the comfort of your own home with an engaging and fun shopping experience.

Make sure to take extra care when browsing percolators, and maybe order a few different kinds to really spice up your bongs variety!

, The Difference Between a Percolator Bong and Gravity Bong, ISMOKE

What is a Gravity Bong?

Gravity bongs maintain a special place in the world of smoking. Usually sparking memories of homemade smoking contraptions when nothing else was available, a simple water bottle design, gravity bongs have now evolved into extremely efficient glass pieces!

And if you like gravity bongs, then absolutely purchase a glass one, because plastic ones are extremely toxic and not safe.

Gravity bongs, as their name entails, rely on gravity to create a vacuum-sealed chamber that the water leaves behind in an enclosed space where the smoke is then collected. This is done through two main methods of gravity bongs, the ‘bucket’ and the ‘waterfall’.

The bucket gravity bong is used by placing an open-ended bottle into a larger area of water, sometimes as big as a bucket, leaving a little bit of air space in the top 2-3 inches. At the top of the bottle is a bowl to pack your weed placed within the mouthpiece.

As you light the bowl, you gently pull the bottle upwards, the gravity creating a vacuum of air that lights the cannabis and collects the smoke, kind of like a man-made inhalation. Without completely removing the bottle from the bucket, you remove the bowl and inhale the smoke!

A waterfall gravity bong uses gravity to instead pull the water down, and as it does, the same type of vacuum is created. Using a bottle that is filled until there only remains 2-3 inches of water, a waterfall gravity bong features a little hold that is covered.

Once you let go or open up this hole as you light the cannabis, the water will pour out and pull the smoke down with it. When empty, remove the bowl and inhale it! Be careful though, because this can get messy.

Key Differences Between a Percolator Bong and a Gravity Bong

The truth is that percolator bongs are much more intricate in design. Their ability to bubble the water allows for the utmost filtration and quality in smoke. Although a gravity bong features water, the water does not act as a filter, so the smoke is not as clean!

Gravity bongs are also intended for rather large hits, so newer smokers and casual smokers usually prefer a percolator bong as the hit is a lot more smooth.

Although gravity bongs are fun and unique, they remain just a few pedestal spots below a percolator bong, and percolator bongs will always act as the go-to piece for cannabis consumers.

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