The Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

We all know that it’s safer to vape than to smoke because when vaping you aren’t combusting any plant material. So today we want to take a look at the benefits of vaping cannabis as a consumption method.

Smoking cannabis is one traditional way to consume it. People also eat (edibles) or apply cannabis topically for medical benefit. Due to the advent of better technology, in recent years there have been several great vaporizers to hit the market, and the benefits of vaping cannabis are more apparent – it is now easier than ever to vape cannabis safely and effectively.

There are several benefits to picking up a vaporizer over smoking, so let’s discuss them here.

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It’s less harsh on your lungs (and healthier!)

Heating up a vaporizer to the right temperature is more efficient than smoking because as discussed briefly above, you’re not combusting any material.

Imagine the inside of your vaporizer like a little oven – instead of burning the cannabis, it cooks it to just the right temp to boil off the cannabinoids and terpenes we love without obliterating the rest.

For that reason, AVB (material that has Already Been Vaped) is still usable after vaping, so we store ours in an old jam jar and put it into our homemade cannabis butter every few months.

You get a better flavour when you vape

Because of the reasons listed above, vaping delivers a much better flavour profile than smoking does. If you want to really taste your weed, vape it.

You’ll notice that the first few hits in particular often taste wonderful as you’re treated to the full potential flavour the bud in your hands can offer!

Some vape users talk about how smoking kills the flavour – as a smoker I can definitely still taste the cannabis flavours, but I do notice the complexities and different notes in an enhanced way when vaping cannabis.

It’s also a less intense way to get high

the benefits of vaping cannabis, The Benefits of Vaping Cannabis, ISMOKE
Temperature control is another benefit of vaping cannabis

From my own personal experience, I often find the high when vaping cannabis is a much more delicate and subtle experience than smoking.

It’s not intense in the same way as hitting a bong. I feel like I transition into the high in a more controlled way, as opposed to the intense effects I can sometimes experience after smoking.

For newer users in particular, this is a big benefit of vaping cannabis as you have more control over the high – you can also have a few tokes and wait a while, as opposed to consuming everything in one go through a bowl in a bong.

Despite this, cannabis vaping is still said to be a more effective delivery method than smoking, delivering more cannabinoids per hit.

Temperature control

Another thing you have more control over is the temperature, which is another benefit of vaping cannabis over smoking it.

The temperature of your hit can actually affect the psychoactive properties – you don’t get this kind of control when smoking, but when vaping low temp vs. high temp it was reported that the effects felt a bit different.

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the benefits of vaping cannabis, The Benefits of Vaping Cannabis, ISMOKE
The PAX 3 is the most discreet herbal vaporiser we’ve found!

In this area vaping presents a massive benefit over smoking – for public consumption it carries the level of discreetness that allows consumers to enjoy cannabis in places that may present an issue should they light up a joint.

For example, the PAX 3 is a wonderfully discreet device that I’ve taken out and about with me to numerous places and enjoyed without drawing heads or feeling self-conscious.

Some vape carts even take this one step further, disguising themselves as e-cigarettes in a way which only proper testing could unearth – due to them being cutting edge technology, it is unlikely that anybody would even know what you’re vaping!

You’ll save money

Another benefit of vaping cannabis reported by consumers is the money they save by switching to this consumption method.

Not only can you re-use your AVB in edibles later on, but vaping cannabis ensures you’re consuming it pure i.e. not mixing it with tobacco.

If you’re not consuming tobacco with your cannabis you’ll notice the addictive behaviours fall away along with your nicotine addiction. For this reason, switching to vaping cannabis is an excellent choice for those looking to give up smoking.

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So there you have it, folks – the benefits of vaping cannabis as a consumption method are numerous, and should be considered in particular by new consumers who wish to avoid smoking, but also by anybody looking to take advantages of a healthier way to consume cannabis.

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