The Beginner's Guide To Rolling Hemp Cigarettes

The Beginner’s Guide To Rolling Hemp Cigarettes

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Although the smell might make some people look twice, Hemp cigarettes can be a pleasant and healthier alternative to tobacco-based cigarettes. In general, they don’t tend to have anywhere near as many preservatives, additives or chemicals. On top of that, the Hemp plant is a lot safer than the Tobacco plant. 

Because they give you the pleasant taste and medicinal benefits of Hemp without the psychoactive “high,” hemp joints can be enjoyed virtually anywhere. 

However, there are a lot of people out there who don’t know how to roll one, and more still who don’t know how to roll correctly. Although it may not be as easy to pick up this kind of thing from an article, we will endeavour to help you learn. 

If you follow our instructions to the letter, you should be an expert roller in no time.

Rolling Hemp, The Beginner’s Guide To Rolling Hemp Cigarettes, ISMOKE

Step 1: Choose Your Papers

There are many different kinds of rolling papers on the market. A visit to your local smoke shop will show you precisely what we mean, as all sorts of products are on offer.

Your options can broadly be classified into two categories: Papers and blunts. 

Some people think that a cigar has to be larger than a cigarette, which is not necessarily true, as you can always roll up little cigars (AKA cigarillos). Still, cigar papers are more expensive than standard cigarette papers. The advantage of rolling a cigar is the fact that it burns slower and more evenly than a cigarette. 

There are also some middle-ground options that you might consider. Hemp rolling papers are popular, although they can be thicker than some other types of pulp and may not always burn evenly. Still, they have some of the nice qualities of a cigar, and they fit perfectly with Hemp flowers as they are made from the same plant! 

Some papers are made of cellulose, which looks like clear plastic, a fact some may find off-putting. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Hemp

Although you probably enjoy looking at your pretty little Hemp flowers from mrhempflower, you will have to destroy their beauty before they can be consumed. To do this, you just need to grind it up with a grinder (review series coming soon if you are wondering which grinder is worth buying). You can also use scissors, or even your hands if the material is well-dried. But a simple grinder (available in any smoke shop) is the most common and convenient choice. 

As with anything else, a greater amount of surface area will equal faster combustion. That’s why you want to break your flowers up, but also why you don’t want to turn it into a powder. Not only will that cause the herbs to burn too quickly, but they may also get sucked through the roach and end up in your throat. Most people smoke Hemp cigarettes – joints – without a filter, so you don’t want a powdered result. You can combat bits of weed coming through into your mouth by making your roach/tip multi-layered rather than simply rolling enough card round to form it.

It goes without saying that you should remove all your stems and seeds. Although you can smoke these, it is not very pleasant. The seeds, in particular, have a terrible smell and a harsh smoke that can actually give you a headache. 

Weirdly some people have alleged that smoking Hemp seeds will affect male fertility, but that’s just bullshit. In reality, seeds simply taste like crap and cause you to cough and choke. But they are super nutritious, so you may want to save those Hemp seeds for planting or culinary use rather than discarding them. Hemp seeds have a long history of being used in food, so there’s no sense in wasting them. Stems should be saved because they can be used to make a concentrated product using nothing more than a little alcohol.

Rolling Hemp, The Beginner’s Guide To Rolling Hemp Cigarettes, ISMOKE

Step 3: Prepare Your Paper

There is a technique that must be learned, especially when you first begin learning. 

You don’t just place your Hemp in the paper and twist it up. Although that is essentially the idea, it isn’t as simple as that. 

Start by preparing your paper, using what some people call “making the pocket.” There are probably other names for this particular way of folding the paper, but that is the one most familiar to us. You fold the paper so that one tail is twice as long as the other. At this point, it is shaped like a lopsided “V” (or a checkmark, if you prefer). 

Next, tuck the two corners and fold them in place. The result of this should be a nice little pouch into which you can place your ground Hemp flower. Make sure that the glued side (look for the shiny strip) is on top.

This is a slightly modified version of the pocket method. If you do a quick internet search for rolling methods, you can find all sorts of others. We have mentioned this method because it one of the most foolproof as the tucking of the ends will keep excess Hemp from falling out of the sides. If you really cant get the hang of rolling, you need to practice more, but there are rolling machines available which can make hemp cigarettes with ease that you can buy which don’t cost a fortune.

Step 4: Roll It Up

At this point, you use six fingers to roll the cigarette. These would be your thumbs, forefingers, and middle fingers. The key is getting the short tail tucked properly so that a good tight roll is achieved. Some people find it helpful to roll against a table, as this person is doing:


Obviously, this guide is not going to answer all of your questions, but the resources we have provided should do a good job of filling in the blanks. We hope that this article has set your feet on the path to ultimate rolling skill and that you will visit again soon.

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