THC-infused Chocolates By DJ

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The world of cannabis edibles is vast with many products on offer. Because it is easy to put THC into food, the imagination of edibles producers (varying from people in their kitchens under prohibition to huge companies in legal areas) has resulted in the creation many different varieties of food products for people to consume, both sweet and savoury.

This week I tried out some THC-infused edibles made by DJ. These come as a box of chocolates, with each piece containing 20mg THC (from BHO) and seriously, this is some of the nicest chocolate I’ve ever eaten!

Rich, dark, creamy goodness – the chocolates have a Belgiumesque feel about them (the chocolate is from a Belgium chocolate manufacturer). I tried out two versions of the chocolates before deciding the Belgium chocolate wins out!

And 20mg of THC may not sound like a lot to a seasoned stoner, but I felt the wave from eating just a couple of these chocolates in a sitting.

, THC-infused Chocolates By DJ, ISMOKE

The buzz kicked in after around 45 minutes and left me giggly, relaxed and having fun.

Watch my experience with the Chocolates by DJ below or here on our YouTube channel

Edibles are a great way to consume cannabinoids as it does not involve combustion, and in addition to this cannabinoids are processed through the liver. This works for both THC and CBD.

You can’t legally buy THC chocolate in the UK, but you can buy CBD-infused chocolate from Holistic Highland Hemp on their website here.

, THC-infused Chocolates By DJ, ISMOKE