Terpsolate Extract Review

2 mins read

This week on the ISMOKE Channel I’ve been taking a look at the Terpsolate extracts sold by Black Sheep Dispensaries.

, Terpsolate Extract Review, ISMOKE

These extracts are made from terpenes and CBD isolate and deliver a delicious flavour profile along with a smooth dabbing experience.

I got my hands on Apple Fritter, one of the flavours sold on the Black Sheep Dispensaries Website for £30 per 1 gram pot (contains zero THC).

The extract came in its own little pot and gift box with the Apple Fritter info stuck on the front. Opening up the pot, you can see how light and creamy the terpsolate looks, with a white colour and sauce-like consistancy.

, Terpsolate Extract Review, ISMOKE

It looks and feels delicious as you scoop into it with the dab tool, and vaporises nicely in my dab rig, delivering a light, smooth dab with plenty of teps delivering the Apple Fritter scent.

This extract tastes buttery, creamy and like Apples (think apple pie), which gets good marks from me.

Black Sheep Dispensaries sell various flavours of their terpsolate over on their website, including Atom Splitter, Cherry Pie, Forbidden Fruit and Mimosa, with specific cannabis strain terpene profiles matched to the terpsolate profiles.

, Terpsolate Extract Review, ISMOKE

Overall, I found the terpsolate to be a pleasant and enjoyable dabbing experience, and it is always great to have something legal to put into my dab rig. For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of dabbing yet, CBD extracts can be purchased and consumed legally in the UK, at time of writing! Dabs unlock flavour potential through terpenes and is one of my favourite cannabis consumption methods.

You can use the discount code ISMOKE for 10% off anything on the Black Sheep Dispensaries website.