Tahoe OG Cannabis Strain

Tahoe OG Cannabis Strain Information & Review

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This week I got to sample Tahoe OG, an Indica strain that’s a phenotype of OG Kush.

I was excited to try Tahoe OG after finding it in lists of top indica strains and also reading about it’s heavy sedative effects.


This bud has high trichome coverage – the buds are a light-green colour with a dusty look.

The pistils are a light brown/rusty colour. It doesn’t have a commercial-level trim job but the bits of leaves that remain are covered in trichomes.

The sample buds are quite small but as long as they smoke good, I don’t care!


A Strong almost cheese-like pungency hits me when I first smell this strain.

Interestingly, not too similar to the OG Kush I’ve tried before, this one definitely doesn’t have a classic OG Kush scent.


I enjoy the taste of this – it comes through my bong nicely. The smoke hits with a slight acridity.

Overall, I’m getting a good flavour from the Tahoe OG.


The first thing to hit me after consuming Tahoe OG through my bong is an indica-high that slows down my thoughts and delivers a strong washing relaxation.

Tahoe OG, Tahoe OG Cannabis Strain Information & Review

The high also carries a nice uplift, but I’d stick to consuming this one in the evening. Maybe some pain-relieving properties, as this made my body feel good!


Overall this is a good strain and I enjoyed consuming it for the review. I would have liked to have seen bigger buds, but it smokes well and the high feels like it is in excess of 20% THC.

Would love to smoke more phenotypes of this as it was something I hadn’t tried before!

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