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Biscotti & Dog Walker OG : Wake and Bake | Episode 35

The latest episode in our weekly wake and bake series is now live on the ISMOKE YouTube channel.

Each week we release this video to kick start your week in style with a smoking session featuring some brand new cannabis strains. In this episode, we are going to be covering a US-imported strain called Biscotti, a surprisingly pungent sample I was given at the session last Friday.

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 29]

Every Monday I release a wake and bake video to help kick start your week. This week I've gotten hold of some Blue Dream and some Alaskan Thunder Fuck (crazy name, right?) Join me today, as I sample both strains and get nice and hazey for a Monday morning: Smoking commences around 2:08.

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 27]

Hello ISMOKE! Join me for a wake and bake this morning. This week, I've got some Super Orange Glue, some Gorilla Glue 4, a new grinder and a new vaporiser to show you. Watch the video below, and as always you can join the conversation by tweeting @ISMOKEMAG on twitter

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 26]

Wake and bake with ISMOKE this morning as we go through some smoking products and cannabis strains. Episode 26 of the wake and bake session features using the Jaxx Baron recycler as a bong, plus a new product that I've been smoking with over the weekend - the Green Spiral. Watch the Wake and Bake video…

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 24]

It's time for a wake and bake! Join us for this week's smoking session with me, Tyler Green, as I take you through some new things I've been sampling over the weekend. Featuring this week: a mystery strain that I manage to figure out, some Lemon Glue that smells like Lemon Skunk and some Mother…

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 20] feat. Simpa Carter

Happy Monday! Welcome to the start of a brand new week. Join us for a wake and bake today as we kick off the week in style with some "well-cured cheese", some Holy Grail Kush and some Lemon Bubble Hash.

This episode of wake and bake is also a special one - not only is it episode 20, it is also the first to feature a guest - our very own Simpa Carter, who is also chair of Durham City Cannabis Club joins me to sample some flavours this week.