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Atman Hachi Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

The world of vaporizers is vast and filled with products ranging from disposable to high end, with everything in between. One issue with the current vape market aside from a lack of


Make Your Own Apple Pipe

  Have you ever realised you’re out of Rizla at 2 in the morning with no way to pick up more until the morning? Fear not – If you have an apple

UK Cannabis Laws

A Guide To UK Cannabis Laws in 2018

This brief guide explains UK Cannabis Laws relating to the growing and possession of cannabis and provides a brief summary and links to the groups who are actively seeking a change. Cannabis


Personalised Grinders by Engrinder Review

This month ISMOKE was lucky enough to get our hands on a personalised grinder by engrinder. Based in Dublin, Ireland Engrinder is a new company using cutting-edge laser equipment to personalise grinders in

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