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Biscotti & Dog Walker OG : Wake and Bake | Episode 35

The latest episode in our weekly wake and bake series is now live on the ISMOKE YouTube channel.

Each week we release this video to kick start your week in style with a smoking session featuring some brand new cannabis strains. In this episode, we are going to be covering a US-imported strain called Biscotti, a surprisingly pungent sample I was given at the session last Friday.

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green ft. Blues & Lemon Cake

This week we are waking and baking with two new cannabis strains, exclusively for the ISMOKE channel! Join me as I sample some new herb and discuss the week past, with added event info and other announcements. First up, Blues - a strain which I've tried before, but from a new grower. This is a fantastic…

Happy 420!

The 20th April marks a worldwide celebration of cannabis culture. Today, cannabis consumers and advocates from across the planet will gather to promote the benefits of this wonderful plant and to try and make their voices heard in the worldwide legalisation effort. To everybody who is supporting the cannabis legalisation movement - thank you - we…