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ISMOKE Top 5 Cannabis Memes 01

The internet is a big and diverse place. We spend a lot of time scouring the web for news and information about cannabis, and sometimes we come across some great cannabis memes. Here are 5 Cannabis Memes that we think you need in your life right now:

Happy 420!

The day of the year is upon us where we celebrate cannabis - it's 420! Check out our feature on ISMOKE Magazine about 420 including info on the Hyde Park rally…

5 Crazy Cannabis Products You Can Buy in the US

Nothing gets the taste buds salivating like a little research on crazy cannabis products which are actually available to buy for our friends lucky enough to live in parts of the world where medical - and now recreational - cannabis is legal.
With that in mind we have put together a list of 5 crazy Cannabis products you can purchase in the US.

Cannabis Art By SuperApplePie

Today we would like to introduce you to SuperApplePie, an artist based in the US with a passion for cannabis art (and colouring books!)

Super Apple Pie was born in a Top Secret laboratory in a remote region where the world’s most twisted scientists were creating an army of super humans. From a young child, Super Apple Pie was a trouble maker and master of tom-foolery. Much to the dismay of her creators, she always had too much of a liking for the silly. After years of trying to get her to comply, the scientists (who were not all mean evil creatures) finally realized she would never be an instrument of war. Taking pity upon her they decommissioned her and sent her to live with a family of artists. There she was homeschooled and her life was filled with love and joy. She later went to college in PA for specialized make-up effects and props. After college she moved to Los Angeles to use her training and was the Assistant Coordinator of the Art Department at Maker Studios. A few years later she found that her real passion was not in FX but in illustration and cannabis. She had been combining the two ever since with super-human strength (for she was created that way and can’t help it). "All the cannabis art you see before you is meant to make you laugh and if I've done it right you are laughing out loud as you read this. I love every minute I spend working on a piece; from coming up with a silly back story to looking at the finished product that I have created. Each piece of my artwork is made with love, giggles, joy and a little bit of my adopted father who taught be everything I know about being a crazy person..... I mean artist.” LunaLightsUp Cannabis Art

What Do You Roll With? ISMOKE’s Top 5 Cannabis Rolling Papers

Which Rolling Papers Do You Rate?

The subject of which rolling paper is best to craft your cannabis spliffs is a hotly debated topic amongst cannabis users, with a massive range of smoking products available to suit all stoners. Also known as Rizlas, King Skins, Skins, Papers and by many other names depending on Geographic location, these are an essential ingredient in the spliff, and it is always with great sadness when a stoner discovers he's on his last Rizla whilst already baked in the middle of the night. But which skins are the best? Everybody will have their own opinion, but here are ISMOKE's top 5 rolling papers:

The Importance of Having a Good Rolling Box

Every seasoned stoner should have a rolling box. Also known as a smoking box, this is the best place to put all your little cannabis nik-naks and rolling equipment, as well as to store your buds, hash or extract - in our opinion here at ISMOKE, a rolling box is an essential bit of kit.

Aztech Deluxe Dabbing Kit Review

Here at ISMOKE we are no strangers to Cannabis extract. When we visit Amsterdam we like to buy extract from Greenhouse Coffeeshop which is pretty costly at 40-60 euros per gram, but tastes delicious.

Imagine our delight when we received this deluxe dabbing kit from with all the tools we need to separate and store our own extract, including two dabbing tools, extract pots and a dabbing mat to make sure things don’t get lost or messy: