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“Piece Water” Bong Water Replacement Review + Test

Last week I got my hands on some Piece Water to replace the water in my bong.

I usually just stick to water, but I was excited to try this stuff as I am somebody that spends a lot of time cleaning my glassware to try and keep it in good condition. When you smoke weed through a bong it produces a lot of tar, some of which gets stuck on the inside of the glass, which can stain it if left uncleaned. I have lost some good smoking pieces to the dirtiness that can ensue after only one session if the bong is forgotten about and the cleaning step is missed. To keep glass clean, us bong smokers often need to strike while the iron is hot, rinsing with water between hits, bathing glass in isopropyl alcohol or employing other techniques to maintain that sheen.

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 26]

Wake and bake with ISMOKE this morning as we go through some smoking products and cannabis strains. Episode 26 of the wake and bake session features using the Jaxx Baron recycler as a bong, plus a new product that I've been smoking with over the weekend - the Green Spiral. Watch the Wake and Bake video…

Dutch one step closer to legalising cannabis cultivation

Lower House approves controlled cannabis cultivation

• Dutch MPs voted to approve controlled cannabis cultivation • A slim majority in the lower house of the Dutch parliament agreed on Tuesday to pass the D66 proposal, which would regulate the cultivation of cannabis • The sale of cannabis in the Netherlands is not technically legal, but it is tolerated, contrary to popular belief

Smokus Focus Weed Samples Jar Unboxing

We got our hands on this weed samples jar by Smokus Focus.

The jar has several features which we discovered in the unboxing. The first is the lid, which magnifies your samples contained within. The second, and our favourite feature, is a ring of LED Lights which illuminate your samples to show them in all their glory. The lights sit within the lid, perfectly lighting the contents of the jar. You can store up to four samples with the included divider, which can also be used as a tabler for rolling joints if you are in need as it is removable. When the middle section is removed you can use the Smokus Focus Jar to store one type of flower.

OG Kush CBD E-Liquid with Real Cannabis Terpenes Review

It's been a while since we have done a CBD review here on ISMOKE Magazine, so it's about time to introduce you to a new product we love, cbd e-liquid infused with real cannabis terpenes! The OG Kush Ejuice is made by a company called Harmony, who run We previously reviewed one of their Kanaboxes…