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Heading to a legal state? Here is some dispensary etiquette for your first time buying legally

Cannabis is definitely not new as it has been recorded and written about for thousands of years. However, in 1937 the plant was made illegal by the United States government and the world followed suit. Since then, it has gone down hill with a very negative stigma. It wasn't until the mid 1990’s when medical marijuana was legalised in California that brought cannabis and its wealth of benefits into the spotlight again.

New consumers in today's market would have never imagined less than 10 years ago, marijuana was looked at by some as a heavy hardcore drug. Now in 2019, almost every legal recreational state has a dispensary on every corner. Some less than others but they are popping up quicker than ever. As much as this is good because competition brings out the best in us, some dispensaries might have different rules than others. For the most part, the rules work the same throughout.

Cannabis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disorder that can affect anyone at any time and can develop after a person is exposed to highly stressful and traumatic events.

In the majority of cases, the symptoms develop during the first month after a traumatic event. However, in a minority of cases, there may be a delay of months or even years before symptoms start to appear. The length of time varies from case to case as to how long a person may have PTSD. In some cases, especially when not treated, PTSD can last a very long time, perhaps the remainder of one's life.

History Made: Canada to legalise cannabis in 2018

  • Canada is set to fully legalise cannabis, including for recreational use.
  • Cannabis will become a federally controlled, legal, substance on ‘Canada Day,’ July 1 2018
  • Minimum age for purchase will be 18, as with alcohol
  • Canadians will be allowed to grow four plants per household.

There is some glorious news coming out of Canada this week! The North American state is set to take a historic step and legalise cannabis for recreational use, on a federal level, next year.

From the 1st July 2018, which is also Canada Day, cannabis will be available for legal purchase for everyone, over the age of 18, in Canada. This includes tourists, which could make Canada the new mecca of cannabis!

Recreational Cannabis Use is Now Legal in Maine

  • You can now use and possess up to two-and-a-half ounces of cannabis, provided that you’re 21
  • Adults can legally grow up to 6 mature plants and 12 immature plants
  • However, retail sale of cannabis is still restricted; with legal sale being brought in when the moratorium (a temporary prohibition of an activity) ends in February 2018
Voters narrowly passed the ballot question in November last year, winning the vote by just 2,600 ballots (Yes: 378,288; No: 375,688). The waiting period between the vote and legalisation has expired, meaning cannabis smokers in Maine are now free to smoke up without fear of prosecution.

Locked Up For Cannabis : Gary Youds

Gary Youds from Liverpool, was recently sentenced to nine months in prison after his venue The Chillin' Rooms was raided and cannabis seized back in 2015. #FreeGaryYouds

The arbitrary nature of the UK's approach to cannabis is highlighted painfully by the fact that across the pond in the US, and in several European countries their approach to the drug both medicinally and recreationally is improving and an ever increasing rate. Yet here we continue to see people arrested for victimless crimes as they attempt to provide safe access for cannabis users.