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Hating String Beans

The first time I ever saw a string bean, I was 13 years old. I was dining with my family in a small, local restaurant, when a plate containing string beans arrived at our table.

When I say string beans, I mean long, thin, immature runner beans, you may call them something else, fine beans, green beans, you might even call them haricot vert. I’d never seen them before, because my father absolutely detested them and they were banned from my childhood home. I don’t think I can overstate just how much my father hated string beans. He hated them with the sort of passion usually reserved for ex-wives, rival sports teams and politicians. He despised them, hard.

London Cannabis Film Festival 2019

On Sunday 28th July 2019 The London Cannabis Film Festival took place at Rich Mix cinema in Hackney, London.

This event put on 5 screenings throughout the day and included a number of talks and panels for guests to watch and interact with.

Tyler Green Cameo in Mr Williamz Ft. Big Zeeks – More Weed

Recently I featured in the Music Video for 'More Weed' by Mr Williamz and Big Zeeks. Mr Williamz’ musical career started with an early education - his first clash was in Jamaica at the age of 8 (which he won). He has collaborated with leading producers, including Major Lazer, Shy FX, Mungo's Hi-fi and Green…

ISMOKE at Spannabis 2019 (Video)

We have just released our travel video featuring our time out in Barcelona for this year's Spannabis Expo 15-17th March You can also read about our time at Spannabis in our article below: Spannabis 2019 In the video out now on our YouTube Channel, we show you clips from our time in the famous Spanish City which…

Double Funk Strain Review & Information

This week we are looking at the Double Funk strain, a hybrid strain bred by Karma Genetics. Made by crossing the famous Headbanger (male) x Sour Do-Si-Dos, the Double Funk strain captures a mixture of flavour profiles and delivers a unique-tasting hit. Double Funk Strain Summary The Double Funk strain marries the robust genetics of…

Borofest Glass Festival 2018

Everybody who attended this year's Borofest celebrations shares one thing in common:

They all agree that something special went down last weekend in the forest in Bedfordshire!

Borofest is an annual event which takes place in the UK and attracts attendees from across the UK and beyond.

Cannabis Heroes : Tottenham Compassion Club

One of our reporters has launched a video series all about UK cannabis heroes.

In this new video series produced for Medical Marijuana UK, Miles Casey explores some of the UK cannabis heroes putting themselves on the line for patients. Miles recently attended one of the TTCC awareness events where he got the footage for this video.

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 26]

Wake and bake with ISMOKE this morning as we go through some smoking products and cannabis strains. Episode 26 of the wake and bake session features using the Jaxx Baron recycler as a bong, plus a new product that I've been smoking with over the weekend - the Green Spiral. Watch the Wake and Bake video…

Cannabis MythBusters : Challenging myths and stereo-types

Today on ISMOKE we’ll be taking a look at how the mainstream media’s negative stereotyping and far too often derogatory portrayal of Cannabis consumers is causing far more harm than good.

In some ways, we have come a long way from Reefer Madness and the days of “One puff and your hooked” propaganda. However, misinformation and Cannabis demonetisation continue with the proliferation of these negative stereotypes that do nothing but continue to perpetuate the stigma around Cannabis consumption and of those who enjoy it.