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In Conversation: UK Cannabis Legalisation

In recent years, the conversation around cannabis legalisation has gained momentum worldwide. Countries such as Canada and several states in the United States have embraced legalisation and set the stage for a shift in perspective. In the United Kingdom, this dialogue takes on a unique nuance, intertwining discussions about societal benefits, medical access, and economic…

Heading to a legal state? Here is some dispensary etiquette for your first time buying legally

Cannabis is definitely not new as it has been recorded and written about for thousands of years. However, in 1937 the plant was made illegal by the United States government and the world followed suit. Since then, it has gone down hill with a very negative stigma. It wasn't until the mid 1990’s when medical marijuana was legalised in California that brought cannabis and its wealth of benefits into the spotlight again.

New consumers in today's market would have never imagined less than 10 years ago, marijuana was looked at by some as a heavy hardcore drug. Now in 2019, almost every legal recreational state has a dispensary on every corner. Some less than others but they are popping up quicker than ever. As much as this is good because competition brings out the best in us, some dispensaries might have different rules than others. For the most part, the rules work the same throughout.

MS patient prescribed medical cannabis in the UK

In the past couple of days, something amazing has happened. UK Veteran cannabis campaigner Lezley Gibson, MS Sufferer and activist who has been campaigning for cannabis for over 30 years, received her first delivery of legal medical cannabis to her home in the UK on 10th April 2019 - and yes, it was in its herbal form.

Read on for more details on this incredible update...

Progress On Cannabis Legalisation in Australia

Australia’s political and legal systems are very similar to, and in fact, often inspired by, UK equivalents.

Just as in the UK, Australia has a department responsible for licensing drugs and other patient treatments, before they are prescribed by Doctors. In the UK, the relevant regulatory body is called the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). In Australia, the function is performed by a body known as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA.)

The TGA decriminalised the supply and use of medical marijuana by Australians in 2016. However, just as in the UK, for now, recreational cannabis is still prohibited across the country.