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100g Joint Madness by Lunar C

In this video, Lunar C rolls a whopping 100g joint with approx 105 different strains of cannabis. Not only that, but every strain looks like a serious flavour including buds like Grapefruit Lemonade and other tasty picks by Strain Line 420 and other growers.

Why Does Cannabis Make Music Sound Better?

For most people, music is an integral part of life. A song can remind us of our first kiss, dance, or even heart-break. We listen to specific music when we are happy and different music when we are sad. For many, this is experience is enhanced when the same song is experienced under the influence of cannabis.

What Do You Roll With? ISMOKE’s Top 5 Cannabis Rolling Papers

Which Rolling Papers Do You Rate?

The subject of which rolling paper is best to craft your cannabis spliffs is a hotly debated topic amongst cannabis users, with a massive range of smoking products available to suit all stoners. Also known as Rizlas, King Skins, Skins, Papers and by many other names depending on Geographic location, these are an essential ingredient in the spliff, and it is always with great sadness when a stoner discovers he's on his last Rizla whilst already baked in the middle of the night. But which skins are the best? Everybody will have their own opinion, but here are ISMOKE's top 5 rolling papers:

How To Dry Out Wet Cannabis

It is rather annoying when you pick up a fresh bag of cannabis, only to find it damp or wet, making it difficult to grind. The reason behind this is often more money for dealers who know that selling the weed while it's still damp will add a lot of weight to the bag, but can also be because somebody cropped in a rush and didn't dry and cure the buds for long enough before selling the batch to your local cannabis dealer. Ideally your cannabis should have between 8% and 10% moisture content - this moisture range keeps the bud from crumbling too much (e.g. dusty weed), but is dry enough to smoke well, stay lit and prevent mold. The only way to test the exact moisture content is by doing it in a lab, but there is a good way to tell if you are close.