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Hempcrete is a Great Building Material

We have written extensively about the uses and benefits of the wonderful hemp plant here in the past on ISMOKE, but did you know about Hempcrete? Hempcrete is similar to concrete but made from the cannabis plant mixed with limestone,

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Lavender Cannabis Strain Review

Welcome back to ISMOKE and another cannabis strain review. Today we are taking a look at an Indica strain which combines great genetics from across the globe. Lavender, bred by Soma Seeds,


ISMOKE 2016 Year in Photos

Happy New Year from the team at ISMOKE! We wanted to take a look back at last year’s photos to gather together some of our favourites. You can view the full album

Super Bud Cannabis Strain

Super Bud Cannabis Strain Review

On Wednesday we released our video review of the Super Bud Cannabis Strain, bred by the world-famous Greenhouse Seeds. We were surprised to find out that not many people have heard about Super

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain review

Super Silver Haze is an ISMOKE favourite. I first sampled this strain in Greenhouse Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in 2010, and was immediately impressed. Bred by Greenhouse Seeds, this strain brings back

cannabis for crohns disease

Cannabis for Crohns Disease

We’ve teamed up with Piff Advisor to run a series on ISMOKE about the many medicinal benefits of cannabis, and this week the focus is on Cannabis for Crohns Disease. It’s great to

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