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Bubble Gum Cannabis Strain

Bubble Gum Cannabis Strain Review

As you can imagine, we are big fans of cannabis here at ISMOKE. One thing we love is how varied cannabis strains can be, coming in all colours, shapes and sizes and producing sometimes very different effects. The power of

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Wookies – New Cannabis Strain

Wookies is a new cannabis strain grown by breeders in Essex. I’ve been curing my Sample for the past week and it’s looking tasty. I’ll find out more info on the genetics


Happy 420!

The day of the year is upon us where we celebrate cannabis – it’s 420! Check out our feature on ISMOKE Magazine about 420 including info on the Hyde Park rally 12-5pm


Cannabis: How New Strains Are Created

Pure Breed or Hybrid New strains of cannabis are developed to have specific characteristics and produce the different effects that cannabis smokers enjoy the most. Of course all smokers, as with anything,


Welcome to ISMOKE

Hey ISMOKE readers, Great to be back. You may remember us signing off a few years ago to focus on ISMOKE Magazine, but we’ve decided to split ISMOKE into two distinctive sites.