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Hampshire Cannabis Community in Morocco

We love this film by Hampshire Cannabis Community about their road trip to Morocco on a sort of hash pilgrimage. It looks like an amazing journey, and one that most cannabis enthusiasts will likely never make, but hopefully the video will inspire some others to check out Morocco and their hash. We had been keeping up with the videos but it's nice to see them all stitched together along with some great photos of the trip, providing an insightful film. Have you gone on any cannabis-inspired trips or adventures? Let us know and tell us your story!

How To Make Cannabis E Liquid with EJ Mix

If like us you've been using e-cigarettes and marvelled at the technology which allows quick and easy vaporisation of the nicotine without (as many) health dangers as inhaling combusting material, then you've probably also wondered how easy it would be to make your own cannabis e liquid that actually gets you high.

Prosecutor Says That Legalising Cannabis Could Help Defeat Terrorism

In recent years, calls to end the global war on drugs, particularly against cannabis, have grown louder — and show no signs of stopping. As evidence continues to mount showing the decriminalisation of cannabis can have profound benefits, however, one potential side effect of ending the costly battle against the plant is only beginning to gain attention.

5 Crazy Cannabis Products You Can Buy in the US

Nothing gets the taste buds salivating like a little research on crazy cannabis products which are actually available to buy for our friends lucky enough to live in parts of the world where medical - and now recreational - cannabis is legal.
With that in mind we have put together a list of 5 crazy Cannabis products you can purchase in the US.

Howard Marks 1945-2016

We were extremely sad to hear of the passing of Howard Marks this morning after he lost his battle with bowel cancer yesterday. Howard was a personal hero of ours, and one of the highlights of the magazine three-and-a-half years ago was when we got to interview him to get an insight into what made him tick.

The Importance of Having a Good Rolling Box

Every seasoned stoner should have a rolling box. Also known as a smoking box, this is the best place to put all your little cannabis nik-naks and rolling equipment, as well as to store your buds, hash or extract - in our opinion here at ISMOKE, a rolling box is an essential bit of kit.