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Hampshire Cannabis Community Beach BBQ 2019

On Sunday 4th August Hampshire Cannabis Community threw their annual beach BBQ and Picnic on Eastney Beach near Portsmouth.

This year's event was the biggest to date, attracting a couple of hundred people from around the UK - guests were in attendance alongside stalls, vendors and clubs showing support for the UK cannabis community. Located on the beach, the open air setting made this animal friendly, and I spotted numerous dogs enjoying the beach and the moderately warm weather.

Basingstoke Cannabis BBQ October 2016

On Saturday Basingstoke Dank threw their annual cannabis BBQ in the South of England. The event saw canna-businesses from all over the country attending to showcase their brands and blaze and toke in Basingstoke, with over lots of stalls and plenty of people in attendance.

Hampshire Cannabis Community Cannabis Awareness Picnic 2016

On Saturday Hampshire Cannabis Community held their 4th annual cannabis awareness picnic in Castle Field, Portsmouth.

Apart from some initial interference by police who cautioned one of the event attendees after seeing them holding a bag of cannabis, the rest of the day went smoothly, with people coming together from several parts of the country to celebrate cannabis.

Upcoming Cannabis Awareness Picnic, Portsmouth

On Saturday we will be attending Hampshire Cannabis Community's 4th Annual cannabis awareness picnic down in Portsmouth. After attending their previous events, we are excited for another day celebrating cannabis and raising awareness. If you are passionate about cannabis legalisation and you are looking to network with like-minded people, these awareness days are great as they bring people together from all around the country. Click here for the facebook event link. The event starts at 2pm and will be located at Castle Field, Southsea

Green Pride 2016

On Saturday we travelled down to Preston Park in Brighton for Green Pride 2016, an event set up by Brighton Cannabis club and now in its third year. This was our first time at the event, and we will most certainly be heading back next year.