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Grafting Cannabis: Multiple Strains on One Plant

Grafting in the gardening sense simply means taking a donor cutting (branch) from one plant, which is called a Scion. Then attaching this donor limb/Scion to another plant known as the Rootstock.

This is an old practice within the flower and fruiting worlds, yet it seems like an overlooked skill within our community. Odd, especially when you consider some of the most common issues faced by the smaller non-commercial growers. Things such as enforced plant number limitations, or the simple but ever common space restrictions that we all seem to face at one time or another. So in theory utilizing the Grafting technique, we gain the ability to have multiple strains growing off the one mother plant. This, of course, opens up the grower’s world to more choices strain wise, whilst also keeping your plant numbers under any required levels.   

Cannabis prohibition and terrorism

“The illegal sale of Cannabis in the UK contributes to global terrorism”. That's a sentence I’ve heard many times in my life, spoken with no to little real evidence ever being provided to back it up.

But how true is this statement?

If you happen to of followed the rather remarkable life of Dennis Howard Marks (Mr Nice), then you’ll probably be aware of the term Nordle. Nordle was the code word Howard used to use when smuggling Hashish from Afghanistan to Shannon Airport in Ireland then routeing it on to Milford, Wales with the help of James (Jim) McCann of the IRA back in the 1970’s.

Is the Trump administration about to jeopardise the 7-billion-dollar recreational cannabis industry?

  • Spokesman for White House Sean Spicer talks about a new crackdown on recreational cannabis
  • Trump pledged to respect states’ rights on marijuana during his campaign. This may signal a reversal on that promise.
  • Seven US States have legalised cannabis for recreational use
  • Cannabis is still illegal under Federal Law

Sean Spicer, Donald Trump's Press Secretary, finally revealed the new President’s intention for recreational cannabis, and it’s not good.

Spicer seems to have hinted that the Trump administration will be aiming to crack down on the 8 States whose citizens democratically voted to legalise cannabis for recreational use.

Is Medical Cannabis the Answer to Britain’s Growing Dependency on Prescription Medication?

  • Britain in the “midst of a great public health disaster”
  • Opioid use down in US states which have legalised medicinal cannabis
According to new survey data, Opioid Painkiller Dependency (OPD) is now affecting one in ten British adults. Over 1,000 people in Britain died from an overdose of a legal drug in 2014. In America this number rises to over 14,000. Is Britain really in the middle of a prescription drug crisis?

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds can be done in several ways. Often, these seeds come with an expensive price tag - so it's worth finding a method that personally works and then sticking with it. For that reason, we wanted to put together a list explaining how to germinate cannabis seeds, with the help of guest author Aaron Nacci from Aztechlife.

Green Europe: Cannabis Laws in Germany And Poland Under Review

Europe is currently experiencing a period of change as more countries, led by Germany and Poland, begin to look at their cannabis laws. 

The European Union has a policy of leaving domestic drug laws up to its members' countries. As a result, they are free to change their cannabis laws without EU intervention. 

Can You Grow Cannabis for Medical Use in the UK?

Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director of Release explains how the law in the United Kingdom can affect someone growing cannabis for medical use with some incredibly insightful info in this video brought to you by medicalmarijuana. Niamh is a qualified Barrister so has a great understanding of UK Cannabis laws.  We saw her speak at the UK Cannabis Social Clubs AGM this year where she talked about the current state of the UK CBD market and what to do if you were to import CBD into the UK. Both videos are a must-watch. Watch them below: