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The Highland Flames 2019

Last weekend I took a train up to Scotland for The Highland Flames 2019. Hosted by West End Smoking Accessories, a Glasgow-based gallery and headshop, this event brought glass artists from across the globe to Scotland for two days of blowing glass, giving demonstrations and working on collaborations.

Now in its second year, The Highland Flames is already an established event in the Scottish functional glass community, with this event attracting hundreds of people who collect functional glass art including rigs, bongs, pipes, pendants and more. Imagine if you will, this setup: 10+ artists blowing borosilicate glass with a backdrop of an almost mountain-sized hill, on a remote farm just over a small rocky bridge in a Scottish town - some proper Scottish scenery.

Borofest Glass & Arts Festival 2019

Last weekend Borofest took place in Oxfordshire. The festival site, consisting of three fields and a barn, was located in an idyllic spot in the Great British countryside, and craft vendors, glassblowers and enthusiastic attendees all came together for the event.

Borofest is a glassblowing and arts festival with a focus on things like pipe and rig making, which requires the use of 'hard' glass known as Boro. This requires a specialist set up including extraction, propane and oxygen tanks, a kiln and more, making the craft less accessible to some who maybe cannot afford a set up or lack the space to do so. But thankfully there are places and events like this that glass enthusiasts can go to learn more about borosilicate glass. Now in it's fourth year, the festival offers a space for boro glass artists to jump on the torch and create some awesome glass pieces, as well as for fans of the art to come and watch their favourite artists live in action, or even to have lessons and make their own glass objects. Borofest has been steadily growing year on year, with 500 attendees this year. If you want to know more about last year, you can read our article on Borofest 2018, which took place in the middle of some magical woods.

Borofest Glass Festival 2018

Everybody who attended this year's Borofest celebrations shares one thing in common:

They all agree that something special went down last weekend in the forest in Bedfordshire!

Borofest is an annual event which takes place in the UK and attracts attendees from across the UK and beyond.

Pipe comparison : titanium Journey Pipe vs. glass Chongz pipe

Well, the old Go Compare theme music is already playing in my head [Pipe Compare!], although it managed to evade me just long enough that the jingle didn't make the video... There's always next time!

Today I wanted to try something a bit different and compare two pipes that I own to get an idea of which is superior. I plan to channel this into a new series "Pipe Compare" where I look at different features and hit different pipes to get an idea of what's out there, and what is best for cannabis consumers.

Spannabis Barcelona 2017

Last weekend ISMOKE travelled to Spain for Spannabis 2017 in Barcelona.

Hailed as the world’s largest Cannabis Expo, Spannabis was a chance for exhibitors and cannabis connoisseurs to come together over a weekend to show off their wares to the European cannabis market and to celebrate cannabis.