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Green Pride 2019

On Saturday 20th July 2019 Green Pride took place in Preston Park, Brighton. Now into its sixth event, this is the fourth time we have visited the park, seeing it grow year on year.

If you are familiar with the Brighton cannabis scene you may have experienced one of their community events - they always seem to attract a big crowd, and Green Pride was one of the biggest to date.

Green Pride BTN

Durham City Cannabis Club July High Event 2017

Last weekend saw Durham City Cannabis club’s third solo event take place on the disused bowling green in the heart of Durham city, a location that from this point forth I'm going to refer to as “Hemp Gardens”.

That's because we, Durham City Cannabis Club are working with Durham City MP Roberta Blackman Woods and will be putting together a community action plan to the local council to take control of the derelict ground and take responsibility for the upkeep and development of the otherwise disused green, because as austerity worsens they simply cannot afford to maintain the property properly any longer.

Green Pride 2017

Green Pride 2017 took place last weekend in Preston Park, Brighton. And what an event it was! Thousands of cannabis users attended the event in a fitting celebration of UK cannabis…

Durham City Cannabis Club Springtime Session Event 2017

This weekend in the north-east of England saw Durham City Cannabis club hosting their first solo event, The DCCC Springtime session.

The event took place in the heart of Durham city beneath the shadows cast by the trilogy of prohibitive power structures: the prison, the courthouse and the police station that tower over the disused bowling green - deliberately chosen as the site from which DCCC plan to lead a revolution.

Cardiff Global Million Marijuana March 2017

On Saturday 6th May we attended the Cardiff Global Cannabis March 2017. The event attracted hundreds of protesters who marched through Cardiff City to protest for our right to consume cannabis.

Attracting people from across the UK, the Cardiff Global Cannabis March was organised by Cardiff Cannabis Social Club, and last week saw the 7th annual event which has been running since 2010.

420 up North : Durham celebrates first official 420 event

  • Hundreds of people turned up for the first official Durham Cannabis Club 420 event
  • The successful event was a collaboration effort by Wear Valley Cannabis club, Durham City Cannabis Club, Tyneside Cannabis club and Durham Cannabis collective
  • There were speakers, stalls and cannabis information available for event attendees
  • There was no police presence
  • Professor Mike Barnes and Trev Coleman gave speeches on the importance of medicinal cannabis

While the national media’s attention may have been exclusively focused on London’s Hyde Park 420 event, which attracted thousands of cannabis enthusiasts and campaigners, hundreds of people attended another 420 event (yes, there are other 420 events outside London).

Tucked away behind the city’s cricket club, next to an idyllic canal, the cannabis clubs of the North East gathered on 420, the world-famous day where everyone stops to take a toke and chill.