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The Dutch Government’s Policy on Cannabis

The recent changes in the Dutch drug policy have raised many questions within Netherlands, but also abroad. The Netherlands has been considered to be the Mecca for cannabis smokers since the 70’s but most people don’t know that cannabis has

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ISMOKE Interviews The Green Chef

This week we sat down with The Green Chef (also known as Indulgently Green UK), our newest writer and edibles creator, to discuss cooking with cannabis. In the future, The Green Chef will


4/20 2016 in Hyde Park London

According to police figures yesterday on April 20th, over 9000 people showed up to support cannabis legalisation by staging a peaceful rally and smoke up in Hyde Park. There were people there


Cannabis vs. Alcohol

This is a message to all the parents out there who would allow their children to drink alcohol but would hit the roof if they caught them smoking cannabis. Now I'm