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dab rig setup

Your first dab rig setup: What you’ll need

Cannabis extract certainly gaining popularity across the UK, and you may be wondering exactly just what is required to start dabbing yourself. In this video, we want to talk about what you’ll need for your first dab rig setup. Similar

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Bear 710 Extracts Review

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The world of cannabis extracts is wonderfully diverse, and even as a seasoned dabber, it can still surprise me. Every now and then I’ll come across something that blows me away. Sometimes


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Good morning ISMOKE and thanks for joining me for another Wake and Bake session with myself Tyler Green. Today, I’ve put together another video featuring The White, Chemdawg and Silverback Gorilla, plus a couple of


Cherry Hemp Extract Review

Last week we filmed a video review of the Cherry Hemp products you can purchase for dabbing in the UK. The whole recreational side of the CBD market is very new over