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quartz bangers

Guide to Quartz Bangers

Quartz Bangers? Quartz vs. Glass? Let’s clear a few things up… What does it all mean? When referring to glass, borosilicate or quartz, we are referring to substances known as silicates. These are substances that contain the primary constituent silica

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The Highland Flames 2019

Last weekend I took a train up to Scotland for The Highland Flames 2019. Hosted by West End Smoking Accessories, a Glasgow-based gallery and headshop, this event brought glass artists from across


PAX 2 Vaporiser Giveaway

This week on ISMOKE we are teaming up with PAX Vapor for our biggest giveaway yet! Read on for details on how you could win a Pax 2 Vaporiser, worth £159.99.


One Breath, Five dab hits

Dabbing is a great way to consume cannabis extract. We’ve posted a few articles recently about extract including how to make it and where to store your Rosin Oil after extraction. Following