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Yocan UNI Pro Cart Vaporizer

The Yocan UNI Pro vaporizer is a notable addition to the vape market, particularly for its universal compatibility with 510 thread cartridges. A standout feature of this device is its robust 650mAh battery, which is rechargeable via a micro USB port, offering convenience and longevity to users. Available in six distinct colours, the UNI Pro…

The Highland Flames 2019

Last weekend I took a train up to Scotland for The Highland Flames 2019. Hosted by West End Smoking Accessories, a Glasgow-based gallery and headshop, this event brought glass artists from across the globe to Scotland for two days of blowing glass, giving demonstrations and working on collaborations.

Now in its second year, The Highland Flames is already an established event in the Scottish functional glass community, with this event attracting hundreds of people who collect functional glass art including rigs, bongs, pipes, pendants and more. Imagine if you will, this setup: 10+ artists blowing borosilicate glass with a backdrop of an almost mountain-sized hill, on a remote farm just over a small rocky bridge in a Scottish town - some proper Scottish scenery.

Raw Macaw Shatter Review

Following on from our video on Bear 710 extracts, this week we took at look at two examples of shatter from UK extractors Raw Macaw This week's extractors are known for their stable and terpy shatter which comes in a film and branded with the Raw Macaw branding. Update: Things change quickly in the UK cannabis…

Bear 710 Extracts Review

Also known mysteriously as "The Bear", Bear710 extracts have been popular in the UK for some time.

Hailing from the North of the UK, these extractors won last year's Dead Fox Cup 1st and 3rd place with their diamonds and sauce.

We have been fortunate to find Bear's Extracts on several occasions, and have now featured some of their creations in a new video filmed for our youtube channel, part of a brand new series designed to showcase some of the best extracts/extractors in the UK.

Sake Bottle Dab Rig

This video features a function demonstration of the Sake Bottle rig by Fluid Glass. I love this new functional glass piece. Featuring a removable downstem, this rips like a beast, holding more water than your average dab rig. I've wanted a sake bottle-style piece for some time now, and this fills that gap nicely in my…

What is the Difference Between Dab Rigs and Bongs?

Dab rigs and bongs (water pipes) share quite a few similarities, and it is understandable why someone who is not experienced with one as with the other would think that they are the same device.

Although they are similar in nature, the dab rig and the bong are two very different tools. To better understand each of these tools and how they are designed to function, here is a brief guide that will cover dab rigs, bong water pipes, and the differences between them.

DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer

The MIQRO is DaVinci's latest vaporizer to hit an already packed market. So what makes this little device stand out from all the rest? Standing at under 8cm tall (7.94 cm to be exact), the DaVinci MIQRO is 33% smaller than its big sister, the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer. This has a sleek and solid design is…