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“Piece Water” Bong Water Replacement Review + Test

Last week I got my hands on some Piece Water to replace the water in my bong.

I usually just stick to water, but I was excited to try this stuff as I am somebody that spends a lot of time cleaning my glassware to try and keep it in good condition. When you smoke weed through a bong it produces a lot of tar, some of which gets stuck on the inside of the glass, which can stain it if left uncleaned. I have lost some good smoking pieces to the dirtiness that can ensue after only one session if the bong is forgotten about and the cleaning step is missed. To keep glass clean, us bong smokers often need to strike while the iron is hot, rinsing with water between hits, bathing glass in isopropyl alcohol or employing other techniques to maintain that sheen.

Attempting a challenge : Bank Holiday Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 23]

Hello folks, welcome back to ISMOKE and to the start of a new week. Falling on a bank holiday, this Monday is a bit of a special one as it extends the weekend ever so slightly, giving people an extra day to relax before returning to the grind.

This week I have some Grand Daddy Purple to consume through my new Wasabi bong. I also wanted to attempt a challenge which I haven't completed before: a bong and a dab at the same time. To do this I used Stardawg flower and Lemon Cherry Pie shatter. But how did I get on? Find out by watching the Wake and Bake video below.