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Cannabis Prices Are Falling Across the US Due to Legalisation

In 2015 experts predicted that cannabis prices would rise as a result of legalisation and taxation. Now it has become apparent that the opposite has happened, with cannabis prices dropping in America. There were initial price hikes just after legalisation in the uncertain environment as businesses began to be set up around cannabis, but now overall the retail price of cannabis is going down across the States - as regulation replaces prohibition, the risks of growing cannabis are going down, and therefore so is the cost.

Responding to drug harms: Can the UK learn from Portugal?

I’m always on the look out for interesting things to film for Let Me Look TV. So when I stumbled across an event called “Responding to drug harms: Can the UK learn from Portugal?” I thought it might be worth checking out.

For pro-reform advocates like myself, Portugal is often cited as a shining example of how drugs reform works - it is the way forward. Personally, I  still think they still need to fully legalise cannabis and regulate it in some way, but that’s a different discussion.

The thing that made me roll my eyes initially was way the title ‘Responding to drug harms’ seemed fairly suggestive, so my expectations weren’t that high at first glance. But after checking out the panellists, I saw it was going to be an interesting event for sure.

Legalising Cannabis in America Has Done What 1 Trillion Dollars and a 40 Year War Couldn’t

The Mexican drug cartels are finally meeting their match as a wave of cannabis legalisation efforts drastically reshapes the drug trafficking landscape in the United States. It turns out that as states legalise cannabis use and cultivation, the volume of weed brought across the border by Mexican drug cartels dramatically decreases — and is putting a dent in their cash flow. A newly-released statistical report from the U.S. Border Patrol shows a sharp drop-off in cannabis captured at the border between the United States and Mexico. The reduction in weed trafficking coincides with dozens of states embracing cannabis use for both medical and recreational purposes.