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Patient-Focused Cannabis Products by Purple THC

Recently we took at a look at some medical focused cannabis products by Purple THC, after we reviewed some Jaffa Berry grown by them in our cannabis strain review series. The products we sampled in this video included cannabis tincture and cannabis balm with coconut oil, and we also saw some cannabutter. We wanted to…

Orange Slush Strain Review & Information

This Week the Orange Slush strain is in our spotlight. This hybrid delivers a strong citrus aroma and taste. Bred by Black Sheep Botanicals in 2017 - in this case they have used the same tropical-inspired Jamaican strain and combined it with Purple Trainwreck to produce the Orange Slush strain. The result of this is very…

420 LONDON 2019

On 4/20 (That's 20/4 to us Brits) the world gathers to celebrate cannabis. The day is marked by numerous gatherings across the globe, from London to Berlin to Vancouver and hundreds of other parks and locations people came together to celebrate cannabis and cannabis lifestyle.

I've been attending the Hyde Park celebrations for around 5 years, but they have been happening a lot longer than that. Ever since the late 60's, people have been gathering in the park in protest, and in recent years the event has grown synonymous with 420, and arrests have dropped to zero (now two years running).

Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

The Ice Cream Cake strain is by Seed Junky Genetics. Ice Cream Cake is a indica dominant cross of wedding cake and gelato 33. We took a look at a frosty-looking sample of the Ice Cream Cake strain for this edition of our cannabis strain review series. This is a popular strain - our YouTube review…

“Piece Water” Bong Water Replacement Review + Test

Last week I got my hands on some Piece Water to replace the water in my bong.

I usually just stick to water, but I was excited to try this stuff as I am somebody that spends a lot of time cleaning my glassware to try and keep it in good condition. When you smoke weed through a bong it produces a lot of tar, some of which gets stuck on the inside of the glass, which can stain it if left uncleaned. I have lost some good smoking pieces to the dirtiness that can ensue after only one session if the bong is forgotten about and the cleaning step is missed. To keep glass clean, us bong smokers often need to strike while the iron is hot, rinsing with water between hits, bathing glass in isopropyl alcohol or employing other techniques to maintain that sheen.