Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain review

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Super Silver Haze is an ISMOKE favourite. I first sampled this strain in Greenhouse Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in 2010, and was immediately impressed.

Bred by Greenhouse Seeds, this strain brings back so many fond memories. You can read our written review below, and watch our video review here on ISMOKE Media.

Super Silver Haze, Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain review, ISMOKE
Super Silver Haze Plant

The sweet notes of this strain are immediately recognisable – for me, it is an instant whisk away to an Amsterdam coffee shop and hazy memories of fun times.

The taste of the Super Silver Haze does not disappoint. A sweet, almost sickly haze taste fills your mouth on the intake and stays with you after the exhale.

Strong sativa effects make this strain ideal for a morning smoke, if you are so inclined. After smoking this first thing I feel energised, happy and ready to work.

Super Silver Haze, Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain review, ISMOKE
Super Silver Haze Close Up

This came in two dense nugs. The buds were well-formed, with only sporadic bits of leaf. Crystals and orange hairs very apparent. The bud itself looks very sweet, almost like candy, which matches up to the smell and the taste.

This strain won three cannabis cups in concurrent years (1997, 1998, 1999), and rightly so. Of all the strains I have sampled, particularly in the haze category, Super Silver Haze is up there.

While I tend to smoke more indica strains these days for their medicinal properties, I used to be a complete sativa-head. Smoking Super Silver Haze takes me back to those days and is always a classic and enjoyable strain to smoke.

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