Super Orange Glue cannabis strain review

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Every week we release a new cannabis strain review on ISMOKE, the UK’s No.1 Cannabis channel.

This week we have a powerhouse of a strain – Super Orange Glue – a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Orange Diesel V3, bred by Lady Sativa Genetics.

Having featured both of these strains previously, I was excited to get my hands on Super Orange Glue for this video.

As always I’ll be covering appearance, smell, taste and effects of this cannabis strain sample:

Super Orange Glue


This sample has excellent presentation, and I am finding it hard to fault it. The shape is really interesting – the sample is a dense nugget which has been trimmed so well I can’t actually see where the leaves were.

The colouration is a light green, with the pistils varying from a yellow to vibrant orange (the latter reminding me more of the ODV3).


Super Orange Glue seems to capture hints of orange which manifest themselves as a tangy citrus smell.

When I ground up this sample I found it started smelling a bit more like Gorilla Glue 4, which I’d sampled recently grown by Kush Family Collective.


Because of the size of this sample I was able to enjoy it through a bong, a vaporiser and also through my Green Spiral pipe. This allowed me to get a good indication of the flavour.

I’m impressed with the flavour of the Super Orange Glue, although I feel it lends itself more to it’s GG parenthood. However, the under/aftertaste of orange/ODV3 is also lovely!


It’s hard for me to accurately pinpoint all of the effects of this strain, as the Super Orange Glue is such a spangler.

One thing I can say with some degree of certainty is that the THC levels in this sample were high, and after consuming I quickly began to feel them.

Feelings of happiness and relaxation are the most apparent when consuming this strain – I’d put it on the hybrid side as it didn’t come with a cerebral intensity that I remember clearly from the Orange Diesel V3.


In conclusion, Super Orange Glue is a strain which I’d love to sample again soon. The effects of this one are fantastic, and both the genetics and the grow have been done really well.

You can watch our video review below:

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