Strawpicanna Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Episode 10 in our 2020 Strain review series is all about Strawpicanna by ONI Seed Co. This strain combines Tropicanna Cookies X Strawnana and this sample tested >30% THC.

This sample of Strawpicanna was pheno no.5 grown from seed by Indian Buddha in 2020.


strawpicanna, Strawpicanna Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The Strawpicanna has a strong appearance with multiple colours and shades visible. The light green notes are overlayed with dark purple leaf bases and the vibrant pistils punch through the bud.

It has a nice level of complexity to it with strong contrast between the colours and depths across the sample.

The buds are also well-developed with plenty of trichomes visible covering the sample


strawpicanna, Strawpicanna Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This pheno of Strawpicanna smells fantastic – strong strawberry and cream notes permeate the air as soon as the jar is opened.

The smell of strawberries is so strong and distinguishable that it takes away from the other aromas of this bud – I can’t really smell weed when I smell it, just strawberries and cream!

Breaking the bud open releases some dank notes, however, and after this the flower begins to smell more like a bud and less like a trifle!

The Strawpicanna – this pheno anyway – is a phenomenal smelling strain. I’m not sure what happened to the tropical or the tangie or the banana notes I was expecting; maybe those aromas together form the creamy sensation that accompanied the strawberries.


strawpicanna, Strawpicanna Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Those strawberry notes certainly carry over from the smell into the flavour. They’re particularly noticeable when this strain is vaped (in the review I used the Mighty Vaporiser). The vapor is lovely, fruity and delicious, cool, smooth and makes it easy to pack a second bowl.

strawpicanna, Strawpicanna Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The smoke is cool and smooth, delivering hints of the aroma through the bong, but not with nearly at the same level that the vapor did. I’m still getting strawberry-inspired smoke with the flavour and it is noticeable but definitely also tastes like weed now.

Smoking Strawpicanna in a joint is also a pleasurable experience, as the terps lend themselves well to the extended smoking, delivering a sweet strawberry creamy flavour all the way down to the roach.

I enjoyed a joint of Strawpicanna in the park in the middle of a sunny day (during exercise under lockdown) and it went down a treat.


strawpicanna, Strawpicanna Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Strawpicanna hits more on the heady end of the spectrum, lifting me up with perceived added vibrance and cerebral stimulation.

Straight after smoking and vaping this sample I felt happy yet chilled, and it didn’t take long for Strawnana to put a familiar stoned smile on my face.

Interestingly as a clear-headed sativa-dominant hybrid strain Strawpicanna delivers type of high that doesn’t feel particularly inebriating, despite the >30% THC levels. I think this is due to it not being ‘cloudy’, the type of high I experience sometimes with Sativa-dominant strains. As a result I found that I can consume quite a lot of this, be quite stoned, but still get a lot done.


strawpicanna, Strawpicanna Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

What a strain! Instantly memorable, top 10 material, Strawpicanna is one to watch out for. I look forward to smoking samples from other phenotypes to see how they compare to no.5 by Indian Buddha.

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