Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Welcome back to our weekly smoke report. Every Wednesday we feature another cannabis strain, going into detail about its background, appearance, smell, taste and effects.

This week’s strain is actually a recreation of a mid-90s Strawberry Cough that was lost – Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Strawberry Cough!

Strawberry Cough is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain made from Strawberry Fields X Haze – it is bred by Dutch Passion, and is named partly due to its cough-inducing ability, even amongst experienced smokers. It tends to deliver around 80% Sativa and 20% Indica effects.

This week’s strain review is sponsored by Marys Seeds who sell the Dutch Passion feminized Strawberry Cough Seeds. You can buy them online here.


The buds I have been given to sample are small, almost pebble-shaped. They have a good trichome coverage, glistening in the light.

The pistils on this sample of Strawberry Cough are wild, perhaps signalling heat stress. They are an organgy-yellow colour and all over the bud.

Despite the small size, these buds have been given a very good trim/manicure, and only some bases of leaves are visible.


Because it is a strawberry-flavoured strain, I’m expecting a delicious flavour from this one!

Actually when smelling this sample, at least initially, I get the earthy/woody smell I tend to get from organic grows.

Breaking open the bud, a definite strawberry pungent aroma is released and this smells great!

Grinding up the Strawberry Cough, I’m treated to a bit more of the strawberry aroma but the smell is now outweighed by the pungent notes coming from the ground up weed.

Taste & Smoking Experience

I smoked the Strawberry Cough through my bong and vaped it through my Arizer Air II Vaporiser to test out the flavour for this smoke report.

I found the taste in this particular sample somewhat lacking. It was disappointing after the smell to not experience that strawberry flavour in its entirety. However, the smoke did leave a strawberry-inspired aftertaste in my mouth post-cough.

Smoking this wasn’t a bad experience – while it was not particularly harsh, the strawberry cough smoke felt a little hotter than normal during the inhale, and perhaps that is what caused me to cough.

Surprisingly, vaping this didn’t taste much better than smoking it in my bong, although I was able to detect some more flavour notes.

Overall, not the best consumption experience, which I believe is down to the sample rather than the genetics.


This is where the Strawberry Cough really came into its own. The coughing and lack of flavour from this particular sample was quickly forgotten, as I was treated to an anxiety-eliminating high that felt sativa-dominant, but didn’t come with too much happiness to remain productive.

A cerebral uplift ensues with a bit of body relaxation, but also the ultimate in daytime smoking productivity levels – this one suits me well!

The effects of this strain feels perfect for a daytime smoke AM or PM – in subsequent days after the review I found myself going back to the Strawberry Cough sample for my first smoke of the day due to the excellent high it induces when consumed.


Sampling Strawberry Cough is something that I’ve wanted to do since I first saw Children of Men (2006) and Michael Caine was growing it in a future dystopian UK. Finally, 12 years later I got my wish! However, I was a little disappointed.

This isn’t the highest grade of cannabis I’ve consumed recently. But while I was disappointed in some areas like the taste, this was mitigated somewhat by the effects felt shortly after – because it’s hard to not enjoy something that makes you feel so good!

I’d just like to reiterate that I believe this was down to the sample itself, and not the genetics, and I will be coming back to update this page as soon as I’ve tried another batch of Strawberry Cough.

Strawberry Cough, Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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