My strain has got more CBD than yours

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, My strain has got more CBD than yours, ISMOKE
When you continue to look at the science and the growth cycle of the plant, you learn
a little bit more about the time at which it produces certain cannabinoids. As a small sapling
there is a much higher level of cbd which then drops off only to reveal itself
again after THC has peaked and starts to decline.

There are many variables involved when it comes to growing cannabis; lights,
temperature, atmosphere, fertiliser, substrate, water type, etc… that will have a
massive effect on the end result like the look and the content of the flower.
That’s not to mention the genetics of the seed you started with too. Some ditch-weed
seeds from Kansas are going to be a little bit different from the seeds of TGA

While perusing the many dispensaries, if you are paying close enough attention
between each to the next you become aware of the different THC, CBD & CBN percentages
and for a few of the major strains you see the major differences in them. Even at the
High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco this year Alaskan Thunderfuck won
the CBD Award for having 9.23% but previously it has been hailed as a strain very
potent in THC (20% in 2008) hence the name Thunderfuck…which CBD is not
particularly attributed to.

There could be strains in circulation at present that carry the genetics of high CBD
content but have been harvested for years at the peak of their THC production. If the
growers would allow them to slip into the next window where more CBD is produced,
although the THC content would decline, the strain could become even more desirable
due to the other cannabinoids that it produces as the trichomes mature.

As more research is being put into cannabis and the production of cannabinoids, we
are starting to understand more about the flavors in the plant. Flavinoids and
Terpenes are in abundance in cannabis, and it is thought quite possibly more so than
any other plant species. Something we have learnt is that theses flavinoids and
terpenes are produced within the trichome heads alongside the cannabinoids.

The trichomes are the glands in which the essential oils are produced and just as
humans enjoy the fragrance of lavender and lemon grass, they enjoy cannabis. The
terpenes also play an important role in the action of THC and the interaction with
the receptor giving more of the sativa or indica traits, in today’s cannabis market
most strains available are some form of hybrid between the two with only dominances
although a few true 100%ers do allegedly remain.

When it comes to choosing strains based on the cannabinoid content though, it is
important that you take into consideration some of the points we have covered above,
and obviously the context of your purchase. If you are buying the bud from a
coffeeshop/dispensary/black market dealer the thing you want to see are some kind of
lab credentials and seeing as the black market doesn’t provide for that it leaves you
with coffeeshops and dispensaries…now as only 16 states in the US have medical and
only a handful of those have the right to have dispensaries written into the bill
that leaves coffeeshops…and if you don’t live in one of the few European countries
such as Holland or Spain or Canada where Vape Bars are starting to appear (though it’s
bring your own buds), your only other option is to grow.

When considering your CBD-seeds you will be confronted with far too many options,
numbers and names for you to be able to make a comfortable choice if you aren’t an
experienced gardener. And as we have examined earlier, there are many variables to
take into consideration. As we have also just discovered there is only a narrow
margin of cannabis consumers that are able to gain access to results concerning the
safety and accuracy of the cannabinoid contents. So even if you pick a strain and
grow it out correctly, wait for the right window to get your desired cannabinoids in
and cure it all slowly and carefully, the chances are that you are never going to know
exactly how much THC, CBD or any other cannabinoid is in your nugs…not until
prohibition has come to an end. That will only happen when education and science are
used instead of fear and force.

, My strain has got more CBD than yours, ISMOKE