Cheese Strain Focus

Our strain focus series takes a deep dive into a popular cannabis strain to discover its history and what makes it so loved. Episode 3 in this series features a UK classic – Cheese.

Found in a bag of Skunk No.1 Seeds in the late 1980’s, Cheese has become synonymous with UK weed smoking and is now sold in legal areas across the world.

Potent at its time of discovery, Cheese is still known as a strong strain, although newer varities may exceed it in cannabinoid and resin content. That being said, Cheese and its various crosses still hold their own in 2021.

This strain is a personal favourite of mine because I love the happy high I get when I smoke or vape Cheese.

I enjoyed researching the script for this and learning more about Cheese from Lady Sativa Genetics who helped me with some insights for this episode as well as our previous episode all about a strain of his called Marmalade.

You can watch the Strain Focus video below, and find our latest Cheese strain review here.

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