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This fantastic strain is known for its thick, white trichomes that blanket the bud like stars. The THC content varies – from crazy to crazier, as Stardawg tips the scales as one of the most potent Chemdawg crosses. Grown from a cross of Chemdawg #4 and Tresdawg, Stardawg doesn’t fuck around. She’s also not the best wake and bake companion, but that didn’t stop us..

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If you want to read more about our experiences doing the Stardawg Strain Review, see Tyler Green’s thoughts on the Stardawg cannabis strain below:

Stardawg Strain Review, Stardawg Strain Review, ISMOKE
A screenshot showing the Stardawg bud

Appearance: 10/10

Did you see this video? It looks like it has been snowing on the bud, or like it has a serious case of dandruff:

Stardawg Strain Review, Stardawg Strain Review, ISMOKE

Smell: 8/10: Piney and Earthy were the two strongest scents, which could be smelt as soon as I removed the bud from its jar. When broken and excited a fresh piney scent was released that put my pine air freshener to shame.

Lovely smell – not the strongest or the nicest I’ve smelt in 2017, but still top quality.

Taste: 7.5/10

Consumed through a bong and a Pax 2 vaporiser – through the bong was a very smooth hit, I swear I could almost taste the crystals expanding in my mouth. You don’t need to load a big bong of this because you’ll still be consuming plenty of cannabinoids.

Stardawg Strain Review, Stardawg Strain Review, ISMOKE
Getting ready to vape some Stardawg with the Pax 2

The taste was good through the Pax 2 although it was let down by the slight metallic aftertaste.

Effect: 8/10: Fast acting and potent, Stardawg definitely delivers. Strong indica feelings of relaxation were the most noticeable.

Medical Benefits: Pain, stress and anxiety relief could be potential medical benefits due to the high THC in this cannabis strain.

Conclusion: 8/10. I haven’t seen a Stardawg pheno that looks this good. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen many strains that look this good in 8+ years of smoking cannabis.

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