spannabis 2020 is cancelled

Spannabis 2020 Cancelled Amid Corona Virus Concerns

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new strain of coronavirus first identified in Wuhan City, China in December 2019. As of 9 am on 11 March 2020, 456 people have tested positive for the virus in the UK.

Now with Italy under quarantine and some borders closing, the level of worry is increasing, with measures being taken to try to prevent the disease spread.

At time of writing Spain has 2026 cases, up from roughly 1750 yesterday. By official figures, this is the 5th most infections in the world.

I started a thread about this, beginning yesterday which I have been keeping updated with developments on the situation. Click here to read it.

First I heard some of the big seed companies were pulling out with one of our sponsors Royal Queen Seeds who last year sponsored the VIP terrace informed their social media followers they were not going to attend.

Then I saw other companies begin to announce similar and I assumed the inevitable was going to happen.

I then reached out to Spannabis directly but had no response (they were probably inundated with requests).

But today I saw a post from Autopot stating that the event was cancelled and that they had spoken to the venue to confirm.

, Spannabis 2020 Cancelled Amid Corona Virus Concerns, ISMOKE

When I did a Livestream earlier (11/3/20) I spoke with Nick from DNA Supplies who is in Barcelona right now. He confirmed that the Spanish Government are banning events over 1000 people and therefore the event wont be going ahead.

There is hope that the stalls can get costs recouped on insurance due to the Government issued ban.

That is the latest, more updates as I get them!

Corona Virus Information and Updates:

Safety advice: wash hands for 20 seconds thoroughly. Avoid close contact and large gatherings. Don’t share joints/spliffs.



COVID19 general info thread Maths: Exponential Growth Explained still aren’t sure how it spreads – article discussing various theories (12/3/20) How Long does the illness last? COVID19 Incubation Period Study (9/3/20)

If you feel unwell with symptoms call 111 and self-isolate.

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