Sour Diesel Haze Cannabis Strain Review

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Sour Diesel Haze is a cross of Auto Haze X New York City Diesel bred by Seedsman.

This strain delivers around 15-20% THC on average, making Sour Diesel Haze a reasonably strong strain (although not one of the strongest, with some strains these days delivering over 30% THC).


This sample looks great – I just wish I’d kept more before smoking it – literally reviewing my last two nugs of this one.

The Sour Diesel Haze sample has a tight trim and is covered in trichomes. It’s dusty, yet really glistening in the light as the trichomes catch it.

It’s also dry, but not that dense – it has some give to it and is a lighter green colour than some other strains I’ve sampled recently.


This sample didn’t give off much of a scent initially – I could leave this pop jar open and the smell probably wouldn’t fill the room.

Sour Diesel Haze, Sour Diesel Haze Cannabis Strain Review

However, when I break open this bud it gives off a really pleasant aroma – the underlying jet fuel scent reminds me a bit of Shoreline, but instead of Ribena notes there is a bit of that sweet haze scent.

Grinding this up, it smells great – not sure what was going on with it before grinding because it now smells quite apparent!



I’ve got two consumption methods today – the first one is, of course, my Chongz Widow Maker bong – through that, the Sour Diesel Haze tastes pleasant. Although it is not particularly strong-tasting, the smoke goes down well and I get a nice flavour on the exhale.

Smoking the Sour Diesel Haze through my Genius Pipe, I get a better idea of the flavour, and enjoy the slightly sweet note of this strain – although the scent reminds me of Shoreline, the taste does not! It’s a little bit haze-y, and a little bit jet fuel-ey (somehow minus the gassy-ness I was expecting).

I preferred this strain through my pipe, as I got more taste through that. However, both consumption methods weren’t difficult on my lungs, so overall Sour Diesel Haze gets good marks in that area.


The Sour Diesel Haze begins to kick in very quickly – after only about two minutes or so I am able to feel the head high beginning to hit me.

During the effects section of the video review you’ll see me pack another bowl in the Genius Pipe, and at this point, I’m fully feeling the effects of the first two hits as I begin the third.

A lovely cerebral uplift is apparent, with a burst of creative drive that makes this cannabis strain a good option for daytime consumption.


Another week, another enjoyable strain review! I’m fortunate that I seem to be on a run with good strains that I’m enjoying week after week, and the Sour Diesel Haze is no exception!

I really liked the presentation of this bud, the smell once it was broken up, the taste through my pipe, and the notable uplift after smoking.

For all those reasons, it is a solid strain that I certainly would smoke again.

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