Sour Banana Sherbet Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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This week we are back with a brand new strain review featuring Sour Banana Sherbet bred by Crockett Family Farms and Grown by Kent Valley Farms.

Sour Banana Sherbet is a hybrid strain which contains between 18-24% THC and delivers a powerful head-heavy but relaxing stone.


This sample of Sour Banana Sherbet is a very light green. It has a fair few leaf bases dotted around which are a much darker colour.

The trichomes are visible and the bud is dry and looks slightly squashed -this sample doesn’t have the biggest bag appeal.

The packaging is on point, and I love the branding with the sour banana sherbet strain illustration.

Sour Banana Sherbet, Sour Banana Sherbet Cannabis Strain Review & Information


This bud has a delicious aroma which incorporates sour, fruit and diesel scents. It delivers a strong smell, particularly after the bud is broken.

When I ground this up I got more sour notes with a fruity kick, which was a good precursor to the flavour to come.

Sour Banana Sherbet, Sour Banana Sherbet Cannabis Strain Review & Information


This strain tasted wonderful through my bong. The Sour Banana Sherbet by Kent Valley Farms has been cured well, with the sour fruit flavour being very apparent during the bong hit. Another enjoyable thing about smoking this one was that it also leaves a strong and delicious aftertaste that is unique to this strain.

The smoking experience through my bong wasn’t the smoothest, with a slight acridity, potentially due to the dryness of the sample which had been stored in hot temperatures in the recent worldwide heatwaves.

Sour Banana Sherbet, Sour Banana Sherbet Cannabis Strain Review & Information


The Sour Banana Sherbet packs a punch – a hybrid punch, to be precise.

The first thing to hit me is a wave of creativity, perking me up with enjoyable uplifting effects. I also got a nice feeling in my body leading from my chest and spreading out which kicked in after about 10 minutes and 2 bongs, relaxing me greatly.

I felt happy and relaxed, a nice combination. The effects lasted quite a while with this one, no doubt boosted by my recent tolerance break which enabled me to fully enjoy the ride as I consumed bong no.2. The high lasted for a few hours.


I enjoyed the Sour Banana Sherbet featuring in this week’s ISMOKE cannabis strain review.

There are some areas which this sample wasn’t the strongest on, like bag appeal, but it delivers a solid and enjoyable high and the flavour is also very tasty and unique.

Sour Banana Sherbet, Sour Banana Sherbet Cannabis Strain Review & Information

I recently dabbed two variations of Sour Banana Sherbet rosin (flower/hash) judging the Dead Fox Cup 2018 and enjoyed the accentuated flavour that the rosin dabs offered.

However smoking this in its raw flower form still delivered a great flavour profile, and the originality in the flavour of this strain makes it one I look forward to trying again.

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