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Smokus Focus Weed Samples Jar Unboxing

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We got our hands on this weed samples jar by Smokus Focus.

The jar has several features which we discovered in the unboxing. The first is the lid, which magnifies your samples contained within.

The second, and our favourite feature, is a ring of LED Lights which illuminate your samples to show them in all their glory. The lights sit within the lid, perfectly lighting the contents of the jar.

You can store up to four samples with the included divider, which can also be used as a tabler for rolling joints if you are in need as it is removable.

When the middle section is removed you can use the Smokus Focus Jar to store one type of flower.

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This video was just an initial unboxing. Further product info will be available soon!

Currently retailing at around $59 in the US, this jar should be available in the UK very soon.

Watch the Smokus Focus Jar unboxing:

We will keep you updated on this product. Let us know what you think of the Smokus Focus in the comments!

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