Smoking six-month-old weed

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This week I dug out an old bud sample that is around 6-months-old.

I’ve seen a lot of people wondering on forums whether it is ok to smoke their bud at 6-months, and today I’m going to answer that question!

Of course it is ok to smoke your bud at this age, providing you do not see signs of mould which can develop if it was stored inadequately and moisture got in.

Smoking this sample of Green Power XL I can definitely notice that this bud is older than average – what would normally taste nice is reduced to the taste of mids and I do not enjoy the flavour so much.

The appearance is good, although the sample is dried and crisp, meaning any movement knocks off trichomes and bits of bud litter the table.

The smell is almost lost apart from when the bud is broken open when it releases a small pungent scent that is reminiscent of what it once was.

So, in summary, six-month-old bud won’t hurt you and it is fine to smoke it (unless mouldy), but by this age, this sample has lost its spark.

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