Smoking Moon Rocks

Smoking 24K Moon Rocks

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Today on the ISMOKE Channel we are covering our first “Meteor Rock”, a form of Moon Rocks made by the igrade familia

Invented c.2015, Moon Rocks were first crafted by Kurupt in his quest to create an even stronger cannabis product. The result? An extract-saturated bud rolled in Kief that often delivers over 50% THC!

The moon rock (or Meteor Rock, as it is known) featuring on the channel today has a base of 24K bud, dipped in Stardawg oil and then rolled around in Guavadawg kief.

The result is this product that is perfect to smoke through the bong!

So, what were my thoughts on my first Moon Rock?

I could certainly get used to smoking these – far from being a little more harsh than a standard bowl like I expected, the additional oil and kief add a lovely flavour to the bud, and the igrade Meteor Rock was an enjoyable experience through both my bong and my journey pipe.

It was sticky and difficult to handle, but it smoked great! In fact, in future I’d like to see a bit more oil in the next moon rock that I try, but this was still a great way to feature this sort of product on the ISMOKE Channel.

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