SmellyBerry Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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In this episode we’re taking a look at a potent yet classic cross of the Blueberry X Blues cannabis strains by UK Forum veteran OldTimer.

This strain has some lovely indica-dominant genetics. Join us as we take a deeper look at this cannabis strain.

Note: Underground Originals do the seeds of this one, but I believe the sample here came from Oldtimer and UKSeedsCo.


This strain looks classic with not a lot of shades of green visible. It has a fair amount of trichomes which glisten under the flash.

The bud structure feels indica dominant, but not very dense although some buds felt denser than others.

SmellyBerry, SmellyBerry Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


SmellyBerry by name, smelly by nature – this has a nice strong whiff to the buds.

The pungency is there, along with blueberry notes and an earthy, woody sweetness that I tend to associate more with body high strains.

When the bud is broken the berry notes amplify, resulting in a lovely rich scent.

Interestingly this carries some of the cheesy feet smell, possibly from the pungency.

SmellyBerry, SmellyBerry Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Vaping SmellyBerry gives a good berry-led flavour – in fact, I can taste similarities to the MOAB (Mother of All Berries) here.

The flavour of the vapor is subtle but sweet and less cheesy than is expected.

The bong delivers a wonderfully smooth smoking experience (often the sign of a good grow as much as anything) that makes me want to pack a second one right away.

The flavours of the smoke are less pronounced, so it doesn’t taste strongly,. but what I can taste I like.

SmellyBerry, SmellyBerry Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


As an indica-dominant strain I’m expecting body-led effects, but interestingly feel an uplift – then I remember I get this kind of high from cheese. It has the same giggly happy feeling as the blues strain, but then more relaxation kicks into the body as the high wears on.

I was also surprised that it wasn’t a knockout cannabis strain – blue cheese has similar genetics (blueberry x UK cheese) and that has highly sedative effects. The SmellyBerry has mildly relaxing and very happy/uplifting effects but then a pleasant feeling throughout the body.

SmellyBerry, SmellyBerry Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE
Purple THC packaging on the SmellyBerry


It was good to try this classic strain and a combination of genetics I’m familiar with that I hadn’t had before. It was also a nice smoke

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