Silver Bubble Strain Review

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Silver Bubble comes from Skunk No.1, Haze and Northern Lights – the result is a beautifully balanced hybrid strain which delivers the best of both indica and sativa effects.

I first sampled Silver Bubble in Amsterdam in November 2016, picking it up from Gray Area Coffeeshop shortly after it won the Sativa Cannabis Cup that month.

Today I got my hands on some more Silver Bubble to review for ISMOKE, so here we go!

Silver Bubble, Silver Bubble Strain Review, ISMOKE
Silver Bubble


This bud looks a little different from what I was expecting – more on the sativa side, looks-wise. It has smaller buds wound around each other to create this nugget.

It is also frosty, with vibrant orange hairs poking out every which way.


When I first picked this up I chose it mainly on the smell, which stunk of sweet haze. Smelling the bud now, it has lost a lot of that, but breaking it open I can begin to get a whiff of the familiar sweet scent.

The fragrance becomes sweet, almost slightly orangey, with dank skunky undertones when the buds are broken up.


The taste of the Silver Bubble is not very apparent through the bong, although I got a slightly sweet taste on the hit.

Silver Bubble, Silver Bubble Strain Review, ISMOKE

I was impressed with how smooth this strain was through the bong, so although it is not the most flavoursome strain I’ve sampled recently, I still enjoyed it!


This is a well-balanced hybrid so gives a mixture of elation and relaxation – after smoking it made me happy chilled out.

I’d say it is medium to strong as I certainly felt the effects from the first bong hit, and was already feeling great by the time I took the second hit.

Silver Bubble, Silver Bubble Strain Review, ISMOKE


I really like Silver Bubble and enjoyed reviewing it for ISMOKE. It has a nice smell and the effects are fantastic – however, the look and taste of the bud weren’t marked as highly.

But for smoothness – wow, the silver bubble would win every time!

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