Sick Man busted twice in six weeks for growing medical cannabis to treat himself now faces prosecution

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These stories are becoming quite familiar; yet each resonates as an unjust and worrying situation for somebody to find themselves in.

After apparently legalising cannabis for medical use in November 2018 the reality has become apparent – this falls far short of patients who need cannabis as medicine.

We have had a case brought to our attention this week of Tony Bevington who has stage 3 Kidney Failure and has been the subject of two neighbor-tip-off raids in the past 6 weeks.

Philip Anthony Bevington who goes by Tony is an elderly member of the We The Undersigned Movement and uses cannabis to treat his stage 3 kidney failure which he believes staves off further issues by improving homeostasis. While evidence in this are is limited we must in these cases go by the anecdotal evidence provided by the patient, and Tony is a good example as he cannot undertake other forms of treatment but can stabilise his levels with cannabis.

Recently Devon and Cornwall police raided Tony not just once, but twice, on the tip-off of a neighbour resulting in impending prosecution.

We heard about this story through Kevin Middleditch who posted about Tony’s situation. We’ve included the post below –

, Sick Man busted twice in six weeks for growing medical cannabis to treat himself now faces prosecution, ISMOKE

Tony is no stranger to the law, having originally been busted in 1987 for growing cannabis.

However recently he has found cannabis helps him medicinally and has become one of the 1.4+ million medical cannabis patients in the UK currently forced to source their own medicine.

In Tony’s case, rather than relying on the illicit market supply he was producing his own medicine, and it is for this he now finds himself in legal trouble.

After the recent case of Lezley & Mark Gibson was thrown out before trial and deemed “not in the public interest” we hope that cases such as Tony’s should be looked at in the same way, at least before the long-overdue legal update to stop criminalising medical cannabis patients.

Other parts of the world are so far ahead of the UK’s backwards cannabis laws, and in other parts of the world Tony and others like him could legally access this medicine. But until the UK catches up, millions will still treat themselves with the best thing available – which is illegal cannabis either grown themselves or purchased somewhere else.

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